Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Cotton Won

its place in the cycle—well for 24 hours..

After yesterdays post, I started this—another bathmat—and will relocated some stash to the linen closet! Its 13 inches now--(by 28) and next up is the stripe (7 rows) and the edge—together 5 inches-- and then binding off and weaving in. It will be finished before dinner. The final size will be close to 18 X 28 inches (circa 48cm by 60cm) a nice size for my postage stamp size bathroom.

I am working with 2 strands of cotton held together (I think this is Bernat's HandCrafters cotton) and a size 11 needle and the work is going fast. I've made bathmats before --and the first time, I was sure I'd never knit another--then I used it. Wow! Knit garter stitch bathmats are so cushy underfoot—they are luxurious—and so cheap to make!

This is my 3rd (the first suffered a tragic accident, and is no more) for myself, and I've knit 2 for my daughter—and have some more cotton and will make another for myself, and likely make one for my DIL, too!

But not now! I dislike working with big needles, and cotton is not the kindest fiber to work with for any length of time.

I am lucky—my bathroom is white (painted walls) and white tile, and light grey tiles on the floor. The color is created by the towels—and I have lots of different color towels Lots of white ones, and lots of blue, and a good chunk of taupe/brown ones (the oldest) and a hand full of other colors—some gifts, some left over from a guest bath (in previous homes). So I can use up odd and ends, and almost any color cotton for a bath mat and the colors will work.

The call is out for mittens --masculine mittens—isn't that an oxymoron? So next up is mittens.. and then halloween socks, and then, back to my lace scarf, and then...

Finally, while rooting round and tidying up stash—I found a UFO—from? --a long time ago (before this blog started!) and I might take a look at it, and finish it up (or frog it!)

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