Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Eyes Have it.

Here's a bit of Halloween ghoulishness for you!

And exactly who do eye mean?

Well, eye have been busy--meet:
The monster's Green eye

Mr Blue eye

The Red eye (its special!)

The Grey eyed Queen

The Dark Cast eye

The Cock Eyed eye

The Eye with the mote in it.

(missing? The Jaundiced eye, and the Evil eye, to name two!)

Do you know the eyes favorite song? The Mexican Hat Dance!
Everyone sing along: Eye; eye, eye, ya-eye, Eye, eye, eye-ya at ya!

What do you say to eye ball soup? Or salad? Or maybe just keep an eye on (the collection.)--or should I say a collection of eyes on hand?

There is a deck of one-eyed Jacks, are storming the gates—hoping to pick up an eye, but it's an eye for eye here, they might take one of these, but I'll get an eye in return!

Thanks to MaryJane, Midge and Mink for the idea. They have a free pattern (I just winged my own)

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MR Fish said...

Super cool. I love your eyes :D !