Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fail—and a Fix!

I've knit a few swatches of candy corns—and I wasn't really pleased with any of them.

But I went ahead and tried it on the sock.. and well the candy corn was no better in color and smaller, in the real sock, than it was in the single color swatches (designed to manage the shape). So yesterdays knitting was undone,

So—here they are. All the ends (28 per foot!) woven in—in the foot section. There are already 6 new ends in each leg –(and many more to come). Plain stripes it will be--and now the ends are woven in, the jogs aren't too evident.

I am just going to continue the stripe pattern—and then-- a gaggle of candy corns on the cuff.. maybe even some 3D candy corns on the leg too. Anne has made it easy—she has provided a free pattern for her candy corn on her blog.

My candy corn won't be animated (no eyes!) but aren't they cute?

1 comment:

Virginia G said...

Love that. I really like that tiny green stripe in there.