Thursday, October 07, 2010

Finished—1 Bathmat

Honestly, it's bigger, way bigger than the skein was! I am doing wash later today, and will chuck it into a load, since I knit rather loosely with cotton, and plan on a hot water wash and hot drier to shrink the cotton and make the fabric thicker. Not that it isn't thick now, but I know it will be denser once it has been washed and dried.

It's pretty , too (though, how pretty does a bath mat have to be?)--and large enough (my bathroom is close to being the minimal size you can have and still have a sink, a tub and toilet. (The sink isn't even a pedestal style, but a wall hung one..and the basin is very small (I can't use it to wash my hair, and it would be too small to wash 'smalls” (undies and such) except 1 at a time. I do hand washing in a basin in my kitchen sink (which is HUGE)--It looks strange because is draped in a fold (almost as if it was seated.

Last night I frogged 2 rows of lace, (the Y shaped scarf) and got 2 more rows knit. (the change is hardly perceptible,so no photo. I've reached the 'split'--the 2 rows were done in two parts.

The UFO? A square shawl, knit from center out, now about 30 inches square. A LEAST another 10 inches are needed (40 inch square. But really 45 or 50 inches would be so much better.) I have enough yarn (a band less brushed wool (mostly merino)) very soft, somewhat fuzzy. The question is: do I have the will? I think so! Once I finish the Y shaped shawl, I will get to work on it... (or I think I will!)

I am holding off, I want to get some work done on UFO's before I start my halloween socks—right now, the 15th (A Week!) is the target start date. Let's see how much progress I can make between now and then! I don't think I will have any difficulty finishing off a pair of socks in 2 weeks.

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