Thursday, October 28, 2010


Here they are, 16 kernels of candy corn ! Gleaned from left over sock yarn (the Roy G Biv's in particular!) Ready to be sewn onto my striped socks.Well, sort of--(candy corn) -- High in fiber, artifical ingredients (polyfill and nylon re-enforcement in the sock yarn) and not very sweet—I think the best thing that can be said is: No high-fructose corn syrup!

Well, maybe that is not the best thing! Today I'll get them sewn on the socks, and then the socks will be be ready for Sunday.

I got distracted, and have some other ghoulish knitting too, but, that will be my halloween treat—you'll have to go on a hunt, or wait till then.
Marta McCall (the first link (Marta) is to her web page, the second is to a Ravelry link) shared a link on FaceBook, and with out even following it, I copied the idea—good fun!

Meanwhile over in Mochimochi land, Anna Hrachovec has this-- Wow. I am impressed.

I wonder how many bags of candy corn they made! It's taken me as long to make the corn as it did to make the socks. I admit, I don't much enjoy making little things like this.

I love my little candy corns, and I think they will make the stripe socks just right for halloween, but not fun knitting for me.

I've done some miniature work in my life—but I tend to like 1's or at best 2's—doing anything 16 times in a small time frame is just not my cup of tea! (but then a cup of tea isn't my cuppa either!)

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Virginia G said...

Those are so cute! Love them. Can't wait to see the completed socks.