Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm all ready

For halloween! All the little candy corns have been sewn on! But you knew (perhaps) if you are on Ravelry.

Now I can go back to my regular program—and just what was that exactly? Um...

Well there is a scarf/shawl to finish.. and there is a shrug to finish, and .... (a rather long list of UFO's that should be finished or frogged!)--Oh yeah there is a scarf (almost finished) to match the Leaf Me Alone hat (and that hat, is still not fully documented ).

I want (I don't need!) to make some fingerless gloves to match my bright and colorful hat—I have, almost certainly, enough yarn left over—so they would be free--(no new yarn needs to be purchased!)

And I have 3 other projects on my mind—a fair isle vest, a Noro vest, and a green sweater (it's bulky wool so it will be a fast knit)--all ideas for stash yarns. Still fermenting is an idea for a sweater with a fair isle yoke (with a matching hat)

And I keep looking at lace scarf/shawls—I just got Knits from the North Sea-- there are so many shawls I want to knit!

Also fermenting are other hat patterns-- Lots of them. And sock patterns, too.

The ideas for socks (most of which are for personal use and won't be documented patterns) come fast and furious. I write them down, and the list grows and grows. It grows many times faster than I can knit—and I have for the past few years been knitting socks at the rate of 1 pair a month –lunar month that is, (12 to 13 pairs a year!) Not always 1 per month--but sometimes a few pairs in one month, and a month or two with no socks at all, still, I usually manage to get at least 12 pairs knit per year.

The current list looks like this-(they are numbered-- but that is just a count, not a priority)
1--Pumpkin socks (pumpkin colored yarn, with a cuff of jack o'lantern's)
2--Top down puffy socks; red, then white, then 3 shades of grey, then a black foot.
3—Crazy 8's—socks with 8 raised vertical 'stripes' –a way to use up left over sock yarns
4—Pedi socks (toe less sock for pedicures)-these are for a gift--
5—Granite socks (Kroy FX sock yarn, in shades of grey, with an intereting granite like stitch pattern)
6—Swirl(Helix) sock –another way to use up some left over sock yarns.
7—Lemon/orange/raspberry/cherry socks (gradient colors)
–a semi match to the bright winter hat—these will generate lots of left over yarns (for swirl and crazy 8 socks!)
8—Purple teal self striping socks (I have a lot of clothes in purple/teal and a goal of making socks that match clothes)
9—Peach socks with lace on leg and instep to match Peachy sweater.(I some Koigu yarn in peach!)
10—Grey socks, with a raspberry swirl—I have a pair of grey/lemon swirl socks, and I really like them, even though the cast on is a bit tight-- I want another pair, done better.
11—Another pair of my Cascading Water socks, (in another shade of blue)

Also on the list, are a few pairs of simple socks—self striping sock yarn, with nothing special about them—except maybe a bit of fanciness at the cuff—or maybe not even that! (generic socks!)

At least a baker's dozen of sock ideas.. (and I have all the yarn needed for these, and then some!)
I am running out of space to store my socks (the sock drawer is full to overflowing!) but my desire to knit socks is unabated! And before I am half way through the list, I know I'll have a dozen more ideas!

Same goes for hats.. I have dozens of hats (and rarely wear a wool hat for warmth) but an unending desire to knit hats...Last year, I gave away to charity over 20 hand knit hats.. and still there are more hats ideas fermenting in my mind!

I think I need to learn how to knit in my sleep.


JelliDonut said...

You are going to be one busy knitter!

Judy said...

When you do, you need to patent the method and make your fortune.