Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Stash needs to be reduced to sable.

Another grand idea I have (and might act on!)

I've been cleaning--(ditching things I don't need, throwing out things I'll never use, doing laundry (endlessly--clothes are done, but curtains, and table clothes are dusty dirty, and..) ironing, mending (making) clothes (that I don't really need, just want) and cooking--oh yeah, some knitting, too.

I've found yarn I've forgotten about...
Oh, yeah, this beautiful black cotton--fine, (DK weight) and so soft and silky--wasn't I going to make a top with it?

Wow, I didn't realize I had that much alpaca—8 skeins of black, some grey, some white a single skein of wine red--and the yellow, and the olive green.. I have that pattern for Japanese Vines--(a lace scarf) --wouldn't it look pretty in the yellow?

Sock yarn! (more sock yarn! whole skeins and a bag of left over bits!) Right, this skein--all ready divided was going to be my next pair of socks.. (denim blue, they are a color that will match clothes!) How could I have forgotten them?

And then there were the odd balls...One of Merino, silk and alpaca—the other, a bit of left over mohair and silk bouclĂ©. What a perfect match they are—A hat?
(Do I need another hat I am not going to wear?) A quick scarf!

So that's what happened last night.
This simple scarf made of rows of stocking knit (the solid merino/silk/alpaca) and rows of reverse stocking knit--(the mohair bouclé) a few final yards of the solid made a slide to hold the scarf in place.. and there it is! When it was done, there were fewer than 6 inches left over from the tails! Lucky me!--just enough, and not too little!

I have some bags of acrylic to give away—(already a big bag or two has been packed up, and home found for it.)

And some more organizing to do.. (and likely more yarn to give away) and I found MORE kitchen/craft cotton, so maybe another bath mat, and a few more double knit potholders, and definitely some towel loops.

You know, cut a tea towel (or in my case, a flour sack towel) in half, and sew a row of buttonhole stitch (with a sewing needle) in cotton yarn across the top. Then pleat the towel, and pick up stitches from the buttonhole edge. A few rows of knitting, some decreases, a tab (and buttonhole) and the towel is easily hung from a peg or cabinet nob.

Great for drying your hands (and no wasted paper towels) and pretty too.

Wait? What have I done?

Added another project to my queue? When I haven't finished the half dozen I already have on needles... and where on the queue is it?

Aaaugh! Maybe I shouldn't clean!

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pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Isn't it a great feeling to de-clutter? And at least the project to the queue makes you feel like you know what's going to happen with that yarn. Better than un-affiliated stash, in my book.