Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No, I haven't forgotten about my Halloween socks

Any day now, I will go back to making candy corn s and finishing them.

Last year, Oops, make that 2 years ago (August '08!) I knit this hat.. (my Leaf Me Alone hat) and I liked it, but it wasn't quite perfect. I have been thinking about improvements details of construction, in fit (and in color).

This first version(the grey) is an ALMOST hat. Some like it, (I like it!) but it wasn't exactly what I envisioned. And while it looks fine modeled on my styrofoam head, the head is 19 inches.. and my head is 23! (yes, I do have a large bowling ball for a head, now that you mention it!) So the hat didn't fit as I wanted.

Then an idea presented it self...and Off I Went!

Version 1—is better than the prototype..(well for one its green!) but it's too small (well its too small for my bowling ball (23 inch) head), and, well its not leaf-ee enough. (and yes, it too will be finished the back tie needs another leaf and both leaves will need linings)5 narrow leaves are less leaf looking than 3 broad ones..

Version 2--is better still, but I am not sure if it is just what I want...
I like the cast on/start, I like the tiers of leaves.. I like the fit.

But I think the edge (selvage in this case) could be better. And that
I might look even better with 3 tiers of leaves—and with the first rows (front ) leaves having even a bit more of a 'stem' to make them leafier--which will mean a re-write of the cast on/beginning!
So there is likely to be a third prototype (this yarn is a loosely
twisted single ply and doesn't like to be frogged) tomorrow.

And them maybe a fourth in a different yarn of the same weight) and the directions finished (I've document to some degree all three prototypes) and a chart made, and a PDF!

I love leaf motifs.. and I love natural elements (flowers, acorns, etc) in fall clothing. And I like this design (not top down, not brim up, but front to back!)
Thee is one major problem with knitting this hat-- Its given me ideas for another half dozen!--and for an idea of a matching pair of fingerless gloves to go with the hat! Wouldn't your hands look lovely wrapped in leaves?

I've been writing ideas down (again) and my list of ideas grows so much faster than I can knit!
I work hard at thinking of ideas to use up the yarn I have--but it doesn't always work out that way.

Even when it does, I have half a dozen knit sweaters, and in a really cold year, I might wear a sweater a dozen times so in the fall/winter/early spring season. I have some great ideas for some sweaters.. but really?

Do I need more sweaters when I don't wear the ones I have already?

But—the bulky green wool I have would be perfect in one design, and I have an idea for a bright multi color yoked sweater, stripes and slip stitches, easy peasy color work.

And I have this silk (150 gm of lace weight hand painted silk)—it will make a beautiful scarf --Another scarf? WHOA! Why would I need another scarf?) I've swatched a few stitch patterns.. but I don't like any of them, and this knitting will be frogged.

I have a woven silk scarf from when I was 18—I still love it, and wear it (once every few years) and I have enough Other silk scarves to open a boutique—How can I think of knitting another scarf?

But what else can I do with this silk? It's not enough for a garment, I only have the 1 skein--(its a big skein!) but not big enough for a small top. But IT IS BEAUTIFUL!

I am beginning to understand now it was still in someone else's stash!

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