Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A particular pleasure

Of making your own stripes, is being able to have things work out just so—Perfectly matched stripes, and other details.

The heel (a short row one) has been knit in place—in the same black as the toe, and in the middle of the 5 row black stripe that fell at that point. I planned for a black toe, heel and cuff, but it was just good luck the striping worked out the way it did.

Then another 2 R's of black (so there are a full five on the instep side) and the stripe pattern continues, in perfect order. The Candy Corn motif will start a few rows after the completion of the stripe rotation (ie, with the first row of the purple stripe) , to place it just above the ankle. It will be worked semi intarsia-- the leg will be worked flat--(that is it will be worked in knit and purl rows) but there won't be an open seam. At the end of each row, the yarns will be interlocked, intarsia style, (the 'seam as it were will be the edge of the candy corn motif,) and will be worked with a separate skein (bobbin) of yarn.

I still haven't woven in any of the tails, (they are just tucked under the sock to make it look nicer).

These socks, just like my socks with afterthought heels, have a small instep gusset for ease.

The foot looks small (well it looks small to me!) but it is the standard 9 inches of foot that I need for a good fit.

I know I didn't mention it,but these are bonus socks in a way. The purple, green, orange and yellow yarns are all left over colors from my Roy G Biv socks, only a single new skein, the black.

The yellow and orange will be used again in a pair of bright socks; of lemon, orange, raspberry and cherry colors. (I have a single ball of a bright raspberry pink—Not enough for a pair of socks on its own.) These socks will match the bright sun shiny hat I knit last month. I think the idea for bright socks transmogrified into a hat when I wasn't looking. But I still like the idea of bright fruity socks

I found a list of ideas for socks that I made at the beginning of the summer.. (and was reminded about the idea I had for a pair of Crazy 8 socks.. I have to come back to that idea!) Of the dozen or so ideas, I've done 5—not bad. (of the dozen or so other knitting projects I listed, not one!)

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Virginia G said...

Those are truly great socks!

My husband read your comment about schools and sicknesses, and went out and bought a LOAD of vitamin C for our kiddo...

Thank you for that bit of advice.