Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Rainy Days

That's what we are having—and its a good thing! This summer was long, hot and dry. NYC depends on its reservoirs for water, and they were, just after labor day, 12% down.

But we had rain last week, and again this week, (yesterday, again today, and more still predicted for tomorrow—and by yesterday afternoon we were 2% above capacity. 8 million people get up and shower and make other daily absolutions, and our daytime population is 15 million--just the coffee and tea consumption of 15 million people—not to mention what happens to the liquid a few hours later—is 15 to 30 million gallons of water a day) So 1 or 2% of the reservoirs is a whole lot of water—especially when it comes in the form of rain!

Sunday, I finished these socks—but I managed to leave them in the car—and yesterday, I THOUGHT of getting them, but it was raining—REALLY RAINING—and I said to my self, forget it!

Today in a break—I went to garage and got them--and got them photographed.

Pretty simple socks. A tubular cast on (because I like that cast on) some ribbing (1 X1, cause that's my favorite ribbing) stocking knit for the legs and instep, a peasant heel, (cause I like being able to continue the self stripe uninterrupted)with my usually mini gusset at heel for improved fit--see image--finished with a band, and flat (aka French) toe. About as plain vanilla as you can get. (OK, French vanilla—seeded with real vanilla)

Saturday, I posted yet another version of my classic gingham potholder—done in double knit.
Today, there is a link (see left hand column) for Free PDF download of the pattern for this potholder.

I have a tutorial (8 blog posts!) on double knitting, and now, a complete pattern for making a potholder like this. The PDF does not have a photo—and its written out, not charted (if you like to work with charts, print out a copy of the image, and use it as a chart.)

The pattern is free—for you to download and use for personal use(or for gifts). If you want to use it for sale or fund raising, or use the pattern to teach double knitting, please contact me (my email is in the footnote) for permission--it will still be free--I just like to keep track!

Tomorrow I hope to have finished the patterns for these 3 (and a few more) cup cozies. This pattern is also free, and can be used for Breast Cancer Awareness and other non-profit Breast Cancer fund raising projects.
They are very simple--and will be used (by me) for teaching as well. If you want to use them for teaching, again, contact me for permission.

Other wise, it's Startitis-- I have lace shawls to finish, another pair of mittens have been requested (but I didn't commit to making them)

A cotton bath mat (another cotton bathmat) has been on the agenda for ages—and pulling out the cotton for potholder reminded me..(and the big bag of cotton is OUT and just sitting there!)

Yesterday I swatched a candy corn pattern (for shape) and I am not sure yet about how I like the look of the swatches... In other words, the same old project desire overload!

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Virginia G said...

Those cup holders are a great idea. And that is an awesome photo!