Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Socks and Hats (again)

So the Halloween stripe socks are finished—all the end are woven in, and the are wearable.

I even got a another candy corn knit—so now there are 4!--only 12 more to be knit, and then all of them to be sewn on.

And I have started again with the Leaf Me Alone Hat--Version 3!
I might end up with 2 versions(with 2 sets of instructions)

Most everyone loved the hat last night at Cranky's (the new home of the LIC Tuesday Knit night that has been going strong for over 6 years. )

Last night there were 8 of us--including Manny. And Manny got his first real lesson knitting. Manny—a former para-trooper—has been kibitzing with us for a few weeks, and SAYING: Gee that looks interesting, Gee, I wish I could do that.

So last night, I brought along a partial ball of Wool (Paton's classic wool) and a pair of size 8's—and taught him the knit cast on, and had him knitting. He clearly like knitting, but is also clearly intimidated by the feminine and grand motherly rep of knitting.

He's not sure if it goes with his masculine persona—but he has real courage—he is willing to try—and to step out of his comfort zone and knit, no matter what. Go Manny!

On the other hand, he blushed more than once listening to the conversation—20 + years in the army didn't give him a lot of opportunities to be in women centered discussions. Nothing riské really, but a wide range of topics, (including breast feeding and the taste of human (vs cows) milk—though none of us are currently lactating).

Mostly diet, and food tastes, and fashion --including childrens' and christening gown fashions—the old fashioned styles (long enough to be an adult womans dress) to some of the new glitzy ones. One comment that burned my ear was “Hoochy mom christening gowns—they looked like quinceaner dresses for whores..” (What an image!)--Several member of the group have --or about to serve as godmothers--and hand knit christening things have been projects for the past few weeks.
Kimberley (everyones favorite model (see her here, or here) kindly modeled Version 2 of the Leaf me Alone. I handed it to her, and she immediately popped in on her head cross wise (what I think of as front and back over each ear!)--it looked good that way too..(drat! I didn't get a photo of her wearing it that way!)
This image is the back of her head, you can see her smiling face above.

So this AM I started with the documenting (Typing Vs scribbled notes) –Version 3!

More leaves, more selvage--but the same color (the Thyme green) –the left over from the skeins will definitely be made into a pair of matching leaf pattern fingerless gloves.


JelliDonut said...

I love the name of that hat--it's what my daughter used to say when she was little and wanted to do something by herself--leaf me alone!

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

That's a very cute hat! And I can see how it would look great worn either way.

prahalad said...
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