Friday, October 08, 2010

What I did--

Vs. what I said, or should have been doing.

It's just another thing to do with left over sock yarn—and Soles and More is a 60gm/260 yard skein of sock yarn—and I tend to like medium socks. Not anklettes, and definitely not knee socks. So there was plenty of extra yarn.

I finished it this AM, and since then, I have done 2 rows on my lace scarf--(still not enough to be noticeable different from when it was last seen)

And a new Video—which is many ways, conter-productive—because I have embarked on a project to RE-DO all of my videos, PROFESSIONALLY—new videos, that are well lit, in focus and in frame, with out distracting background noise—ones that are also organized and indexed.

The new videos will be available on CD's (look for them in January—I know, a bit late for holiday gift). But a set of 3 videos, demo'ing all the cast ons I know—one that includes several methods--so Long tail sling shot and Long tail thumb, and long tail reversed, and long tail open... and long tail right handed, before moving on to the Knit (and the purl, and the knit and purl, and the double chain knit and the K2, bind off 1) and so on. It will be a great tool for any knitter, any time.

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