Monday, October 11, 2010

The Yarn for the Halloween Socks

Demanded to know: Why did it have to wait, when clearly, the pile of UFO where not being worked on, but all sorts of other yarn was, and it wasn't!

So yesterday, Sunday knitting at Panera's was the occasion for casting on halloween socks.

I still haven't perfected the candy corn motif I want to add and besides, the idea has been enlarged, and moved.

It will be a sort of clock on the side of the leg, not a band on near the cuff. There might be some knit 3D candy corns to dangle from the cuff, too. (I took a cyber trip to MochiMochi Land, and was inspired!) Mine won't have eyes.. but aren't they adorable?

This is a pair of toe up socks (the last few socks it seems have been cuff down, and it was time for a change) –with mixed (Fibonacci's numbered rows) stripes; 8 purple, 1 green, 5 black, 2 orange, and 3 yellow. Each set of stripes-- (19 R's)-- is more or less (than) equal to 2 inches.

A black toe, (and heel and cuff) and stripes for the foot and leg. Mixed stripes mean lots of ends to weave in—but that's OK—Weaving in is an excuse used by lots of knitters for avoiding stripes.
I am (self evident if you look at my sock collection) a fan of self striping/self patterning yarns--but sometimes, the only way to get the desired effect is to stripe the socks yourself. I've done regular stripes, mix stripes and spiral/helix stripes. Stripes offer a lot of options!

I don't obsess about the jog that occurs when striping—I make a small effort to minimize it.. but for the most part, I live with it.

One trick that I use is to change the beginning of the round—this is so easy to do when working 2 socks on 2 circ's—a quick glance at the tails (they will likely be woven in tomorrow at the LIC knit night) revels how this works

You'll have to wait till some of the tails are woven in to see the change in jogs. Half the stripes start on the right, half the stripes start on the left..there is less of jog, because of this. It also make it easier to weave in the tails—since I won't end up with a bunch of tails on one side (and none on the other)--with short rows of stripes (1,2, or 3 rows) —it makes a big difference! I've tucked the tails in on the left sock—because I think they are distracting—and the sock looks better with them tucked in, but left them out on the right side to show as an explaination.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Oh—Yeah it's one of those weeks! I work on the Sunday NYTimes crossword puzzle every week—and every 9 to 10 weeks—I complete it! Tthis week is one of those half dozen times or so every year that I solve it (every cross!) --I didn't start till last night, after dinner, (after knitting!) and I had it done before bedtime!

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