Monday, November 08, 2010

Every Day Things

I recognize—I am changing my way of thinking—thought not always successfully.. and changing my behavior too.

I am eating better (breakfast is a bit of starch (oatmeal or pastry) yogurt, and fruit—almost always fresh fruit, not juice, (and of course, coffee!) Not toast with butter and jam, or eggs and meat (usually sausage, but sometimes bacon) and potatoes (and sometimes toast, too)--but I do confess to eating breakfast out once a week and having eggs and potatoes (but no meat).

Same with other other meals—more veggies, and more green vegetable at that—though this week it's all roots for me. Carrots, parsnips, beets, turnips—(and I am likely going to pick up some potatoes—both white and sweet, too) plus there is an acorn squash on the menu and ginger--not quite a root. Not a green to be seen! (since I bought beets and the turnips with out tops). More fruit at lunch time--sometimes canned—because I love pineapple. (But don't be fooled, there is likely to be a chocolate volcano cake this week, too—I do eat better, but I still succumb to chocolate cake when offered! I KNOW it's not the best food (nutritionally!) but Oh, how I love it!)

When it comes to knitting, I recognize I am knitting simpler things more often than I ever used to. Last month, I made a bath mat—this weekend, I made a towel—that sort of matches.

It's another odd skein—or rather 90% or so of skein. Bernat's Gloucester—100% cotton, in a color called wheat. (a discontinued yarn) It's small (a hand towel) about 10 by 16, and cushy! Mostly seed stitch—but there is a decorative band of linen stitch, too. It used up all but 6 inches or so of the skein—I love how that works out. I would have liked it a bit bigger, but its big enough to work.

I've knit guest towels before (in a cotton/linen blend) but this towel will be an everyday hand towel. An everyday luxury in a way.

A simple thing, a hand towel. But its also a one of kind, special thing.

A simple pleasure to knit and use. It doesn't really help to knit up stash –and just, in effect, transfer yarn from 1 shelf, (stash) to another self, (linens). But it is a lovely thing.

Yesterday, at Sunday knitting, I finished the heel flaps, and turnings, and even got the gusset stitches picked up.. Now its all down hill till the toes. The second half (the foot) of a pair of socks always seems faster to knit than the cuff and leg! Maybe a photo of the progress tomorrow.. but really they are just plain socks (aside from the small design at the cast on and cuff) nothing special to see--except progress!

The collar is finished, too—but for buttons..


JelliDonut said...

I ADORE that hand towel. What a great idea!

I'm trying to eat in a healthier way, too, but give up chocolate cake? NEVER!

Terri said...

I love knitting plain and practical items. Beautiful hand knit items are great but they don't get near the use of something meant for everyday use.