Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Growing Like Kudzu

When last seen (Saturday) the Leafy Vine scarf had 3 complete repeats knit.

Now, it has 6! (and its too big to readily photograph) Doubled in length in 4 days.
I am on skein 2 now. Skein one got me to about 22 inches (totally unstretched) –so 3 skeins should yield about 66 inches... and a good hard blocking should result in another 12 (78) or more inches. A very long scarf!

It's begun to be interesting again again—how or why that happens, I don't know—I wish I did! I'd bottle it—keep handy!

The socks have been sitting untouched since the weekend.. wanting just a repeat or two and a heel. But its been 60° --who needs a sweater –or socks to match the sweater? It's not like I don't have plenty enough socks as is.. (and of the two newest ones—RoyGBiv and Raspberry swirl) are still settling in (they haven't been worn yet--they are still in the Oh how I admire them pile)

They are waiting for a special day to be worn. A special day can be a horrid one; when re-enforcement of will is needed. Hand knit wool socks (no matter what Prudence over at the Slate says) are wonderful for encouragement and re-enforcing the will (as well as being warm and comfortable!)

I am not including a link to Ask Prudence--(she dis'd hand knit sock recently) she doesn't need (or warrant) any more web traffic!

Pattern purdah continues. I have lots and lots of patterns that I have been finishing up. Ravelry is such a convenience –a free consignment shop for selling them.

The newest pattern is another one designed with scrap yarn in mind—and its a free-be!
Click the link to download now

A simple little beanie—with a small stranded work motif. Just 8 rows of patterning—if you've never done stranded work—a chance to try.

The sample is done in a classic white with red hearts—but it would work with almost any solid yarn (and a number of tweeds) –with pink or red, or even snowy white hearts.. Any little girl would like it.. but its not so cutesy that a grown woman couldn't wear it.

I am a bit hard nosed –and don't get all gushy about cutesy patterns—This hat wouldn't be a first choice for me (to wear) but I would wear it. There is something about stranded work that is slightly sophisticated, even when its a simple iconic motif.

Another (at least 1 other) pattern before tomorrows post--and any day now, a Pattern page here, to make it even easier to find the patterns!)


Judy said...

Maybe Ms Prudence needs to be bombed with socks. Or better still give hand knitted socks to some charity in her name.

gayle said...

I saw the Prudence dis as well. I choose to feel sorry for her, since obviously no one loves her enough to knit her socks...

JelliDonut said...

Dang woman! Do you sleep? That heart beanie is too cute and I love the Leafy Vine scarf. Slow down and let me catch up! As for Prudence, I feel sorry for her too, but I won't knit her any socks.

Deb said...

I just whipped up this darling hat for a young friend. She loved it1