Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Growing Like Kudzu

When last seen (Saturday) the Leafy Vine scarf had 3 complete repeats knit.

Now, it has 6! (and its too big to readily photograph) Doubled in length in 4 days.
I am on skein 2 now. Skein one got me to about 22 inches (totally unstretched) –so 3 skeins should yield about 66 inches... and a good hard blocking should result in another 12 (78) or more inches. A very long scarf!

It's begun to be interesting again again—how or why that happens, I don't know—I wish I did! I'd bottle it—keep handy!

The socks have been sitting untouched since the weekend.. wanting just a repeat or two and a heel. But its been 60° --who needs a sweater –or socks to match the sweater? It's not like I don't have plenty enough socks as is.. (and of the two newest ones—RoyGBiv and Raspberry swirl) are still settling in (they haven't been worn yet--they are still in the Oh how I admire them pile)

They are waiting for a special day to be worn. A special day can be a horrid one; when re-enforcement of will is needed. Hand knit wool socks (no matter what Prudence over at the Slate says) are wonderful for encouragement and re-enforcing the will (as well as being warm and comfortable!)

I am not including a link to Ask Prudence--(she dis'd hand knit sock recently) she doesn't need (or warrant) any more web traffic!

Pattern purdah continues. I have lots and lots of patterns that I have been finishing up. Ravelry is such a convenience –a free consignment shop for selling them.

The newest pattern is another one designed with scrap yarn in mind—and its a free-be!
Click the link to download now

A simple little beanie—with a small stranded work motif. Just 8 rows of patterning—if you've never done stranded work—a chance to try.

The sample is done in a classic white with red hearts—but it would work with almost any solid yarn (and a number of tweeds) –with pink or red, or even snowy white hearts.. Any little girl would like it.. but its not so cutesy that a grown woman couldn't wear it.

I am a bit hard nosed –and don't get all gushy about cutesy patterns—This hat wouldn't be a first choice for me (to wear) but I would wear it. There is something about stranded work that is slightly sophisticated, even when its a simple iconic motif.

Another (at least 1 other) pattern before tomorrows post--and any day now, a Pattern page here, to make it even easier to find the patterns!)
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