Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Its Been a Week

Since I hacked off (with all the finesse of 5 year old) 15 inches of my hair.

The Good News: Hair grows back—and my hair grows fast (or I think it does!)
OK, it does look a bit nicer because it is lighter and brighter (if grayer) by my face.

The Bad News: I hate it! (see good new above)
There are worse things... Like not having people notice I cut my hair, for one.

I miss brushing my hair (there is no hair to brush!) I hate how the wind catches it and blows it everywhere (but especially my face.) It seems so much thinner (IT IS SO MUCH THINNER) and its more evident --at the back, (the natural crown), it's so thin, I look like I am going bald.. (I AM GOING BALD!)--

My hair (all womens hair? All mens hair? Hair in general?) is sensitive to my hormones. When I was younger, MUCH YOUNGER) I wore my hair down to my waist, and often French braided it. The braid was a thick rope (Not quite a hawser for tying up an ocean liner, but as thick as my wrists--and I am big boned.) I loved it.

Now, I am in my second childhood—post menopausal--I have the hair of my infancy—did I mention I was bald till the age of 3? Flash bulbs from cameras would make a glare—the light bounced off my white head(scalp)that was barely coated with platinum white peach fuzz --(Did I also mention my dark haired siblings all had thick rich hair (beautifully curly for half them) as infants?)

Every year my hair got thicker (more deeply rooted) But the strands never got thick—even at its most luxurious, I had fine strands of hair—lots of them, but all of them fine. They got darker, too—from platinum, to tow, to light ash, to medium ash, to dark (dishwater) ash. Now, I have a lot less strands, and they are baby fine once again—but I like that I am returning, if not to platinum, to silver!
(my DD has very similar hair--thin and fine (but coppery red) she was 4 before there was any to cut--and then there were just a few strands to even up.)
There are worse thing.. (see the good news!)

On the knitting front:
Peach socks cast on (but I haven't started the lace leg yet—it's an easy lace—but I need a memory jog)
Blue lace scarf—frogged and restarted. (but I haven't finished a single repeat of the pattern(16 rows) so not much too see either.)
Mystery object(2) started but not at half way point (yesterday's multicolor swatch)
--but there is also Mystery Object (1) that is finished, (Sunday's swatch)--but you'll have to wait a few more days to see either.

Don't bother checking Ravelry—They're not posted there either!

Mystery object (1) is likely going to get –Other stuff... (found more of each of the yarns—new worlds of possibilities await!)
And there is also Swatch 3 to do.. (and maybe mystery object 3 to go along with the swatch!)


Virginia G said...

Oh, I bet that is a huge adjustment for you. I remember cutting off my hair. I felt weird for months afterwards.

Then of course, I shaved my head and did all kinds of wackadoodle things to my hair for a few years.

I suggest knitting yourself lots of hats.

Lots of hugs to you. Your hair will grow back. I promise.

Sonya Philip said...

Hmmm I'm the same in some ways (bald, bald baby) but I can never get my hair past my shoulders. I just cut my hair too. I was losing A LOT of hair, like post-pregnancy amounts. It feels a lot thicker than it did when it was longer. And like Virginia, I've shaved my head too (twice) and boy does that ever feel weird.