Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's Happened to All of Us.

We've driven forever (or so it seems) and the hi-way sign comes along, and says Destintation: 130 miles? What? Two more hours?
And we know our destination is really in the far suburbs—another 20 miles, easily beyond the sign posts promise of being there. How could it still be so far when we've been driving this long already?

It happens in knitting, too. You knit round after round, and check your measurements, to find you are no closer to the end then you were last time you checked.

Finally last night, I have a pair of socks with 7 inches of foot knit, and its now time to shape the toe!
But it was late, and I still haven't started the toe swirl! But—today! And the swirl is just 22 rounds—and each one is progressively shorter as I decrease to shape the toe.. The socks will be done!

The other common place experience is seeing the moon in the sky. I am a bit of a lunatic—I am always looking at the moon (In the light polluted sky's of NYC—you can always see the moon—stars--are memory. It's hard to find one to wish on! (I was not just an adult, but well on before I ever saw the milky way.)

The moon was beautiful last night. Almost a half moon, it set before 11 pm.. I watched it.

The silver moon dipped low
Snagged, tilted, on a spire, its slide down
Behind the office building; changed.
A gilded, brassy bowl,
with only a peaking cusp to see.

Lower now, shining through the windows,
Gaudily illuminating the dark, empty space.
A bowl of fools gold, the false moon.
Below the horizon, now
Taking it's dreams of grandeur's far away.


Virginia G said...

The moon was lovely last night.

We can see five stars from our neighborhood on especially clear nights. :)

PJ said...

Fellow moon gazer here. I love looking at the moon. Every night I check to see what phase it's in, and the coloring. It's just something I've always done. I also like looking at the sky during the day. What's going on with the clouds also catches my interest.

AudKnits said...

I love your moon poem!