Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Little Bit of Leafy Lace

Looking pretty!

I am still making mistakes here and there... (just frogged three rows, and reknit them)--and I've altered the stitch pattern slightly--(and I am not going back to change the first repeat!) It is pin blocked here, so you can see the pattern (since unpinned, its nothing!)

I don't (most often I don't) work with life lines-- I've knit long enough I am confident of my ability to pull off the needles and rip back (and to able to pick up)

One advantage I have is I am a combo knitter, and long (LONG,!) ago learned to knit as you golf (I don't actually golf myself) I play it as it lays. --or in knitting language, I work the stitch as it presents.
If the leading leg is in the front, I work the stitch by going into the front.
If the leading leg is in the back, I work the stitch by going into the back.

Its normal for me, when working ribbing or seed, or basket or any combination of knits and purls to have some of my stitches mounted leading leg in front, and others leading leg in back. This is because I do a combo purl and wrap my purls “eastern” so on the next row, they look are mounted with leading leg in back.

With stocking knit (all knits or all purls in a row (or round) all the stitches are mounted reversed.
But with ribbing, the Purls of R1 are the reverse mounted Knits in R2. But the Knits in R1, are western/european (standard, if you will) Purls on R2.

2 by 2 ribbing is a series of leading leg front, and leading leg back \\//\\//\\//\\//\\.
This lace has 4 parts—left leaning leaf, faggoting (8 rows) then Faggotting and right leaning leaf.
In one part the together's are all K2tog's in the other part all the together's are SSK's.

But not for me! I work the 'plain row” in standard purls or combo purls and every together is a k2tog--(a real advantage in lace, no chance of dropping a stitch as turn it!)

Another pattern repeat, and then a break, and off to my socks(still waiting for something more than a cuff!) I 'm loving this yarn.. It's a Smiley's bargain—Filatura Lanarota Fashion Toes sock yarn—I have 3 skeins-(for this scarf) at $3.50 a skein—enough for a nice sized scarf –for less than $10!

I bought over 20 skeins in the spring at sale (but really this yarn is always the same price) and resold half to friends--(at a whopping $0.50 profit) and one friend, Melainie, has made an absolutely beautiful shawl from her skeins. (which prodded me to get to work on this scarf!)

Meanwhile, I am at work on a Store page for this blog—With links to all my patterns (both free and for sale) I am slowly making them all into PDF's and available on my Ravelry store, and editing all my patterns to make them viewable to every one (not just fellow Ravelers)
but for right now, you can, if you want, purchase the pattern for Sally Lunn, from yesterday's post.


teabird said...


Thank you for the compliment! (And for letting me have that second skein...)

gayle said...

I've knit very few scarves, mostly because I can't face the endless sameness.
Love Sally Lunn! The variation possibilities are endless - what a great hat!