Monday, November 22, 2010

Pattern Writing Purdah Continues

As well as code writing (HTML)

Actually both are code writing.. (HTML has an advantage, its easier to view the code and see any mistakes—Pattern writing requires KNITTING!

One new pattern has been added to my Ravelry Store—an multi sized cable hat—Syncopated Rhythm.

The hat has lots of ribbing—and cables, that continue right into the crown. The pattern--unchanged--works with a number of weights of yarns. A great pattern for a family of hats.
With fingering weight yarn and size 3 needles it's a baby hat—but the same pattern, worked in worsted weight and size 7 needles fits an adult.

It's a fun hat to knit—the 11 stitch repeat, alternate 1 X 1 ribbing and 2 X 2 ribbing creates a very syncopated rhythm for your fingers to dance to. The deep folded back cuff makes it warm and attractive. The cuff can be the same yarn as the at, or you can mix it up, and use 2 yarns—another good hat for using up partial balls of yarn!

The hat shown above is a baby hat (knit with fingering yarn) but in my projects page on Ravelry, there is an other version (adult size) knit with 2 different worsted weight yarns.

Coming soon, Petal Power—another beret type hat—and another stash buster for using up bits and partial balls of yarn. There are so many charities that are looking for hats—Hats that are knit with partial balls are 'free-be's'--No new yarn needs to be purchased, and partial skeins get used up! You get to do good for others and do good for your self—and use up some of those partial balls of yarn that seem to accumulate so readily! And these are good looking hats, too!

There are 3 more hats patterns in various states of completion—some will be free patterns, some others, for sale.

One more repeat was completed yesterday on the Leafy Vines scarf—Last night, when I was supposed to be knitting, I completed (it's been about a month, so it's just about time) the Sunday NYTimes crossword puzzle.

Its time now to get back to work (knitting work, I wiled away the morning pattern writing!)

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Virginia G said...

YAY! Go you. :)

I like the cabley hat.