Saturday, November 27, 2010

Progress Report:

Scarf= 0(zero) progress to report
Hats= 1(one) completed
Pattern Proofing= 1(one) 97% completed

There has been zero work done on the scarf since the holiday—Skein 2 is still nearing an end—but has not yet been finished up. I'll return to it today.

But—LOOK a new hat (actually an OLD hat, Knit anew!) and the pattern was proofed. (and found wanting and edited, and a few more details need to be added.)

This is the Thistle Down Hat—Isn't it pretty? I know, I know, in this country (US) thistles are considered weeds--(Oh what fools we be!) but in Scotland, its the national flower! Thistles motifs are found in jewelry, on the money, on china and porcelain, and it's considered beautiful—and I agree!

This hat is a lot smoother and softer (the sample is knit in a wool/silk/alpaca blend and is super soft and squishy!) than a real thistle. And I went for the leafier look--(not the spikier look!) with better stitch definition. I bet this pattern would look good in some soft textured yarn --a mohair blend of some sort--that would create more texture on the surface--as a real thistle has! (Way softer texture, but texture all the same!)

This version, done in a DK weight yarn (the child's/small)) size, fits my wig form head perfectly--(the head is about 19 inches) but the same hat (wait for it!) done in worsted yarn is that much bigger again (sized to fit a 22 inch head)-- and fits most adults (well most adult women—maybe without the fun fur, this could be a guy's hat. I don't think many guys would wear it with the fun fur trim—though maybe a reversed stocking knit or garter brim of a pretty violet yarn wouldn't be out of place.

It's a bit of a challenge too, just 8o something rounds, (half of them all knits) but the other 40? NO 2 rows alike! It's one of those get out your row counter patterns and keep track ! (Actually this is my favorite sort of thing to knit, (and knit again!) it's interesting! )

Actually the last 10 rounds are pretty much the same (stocking knit and reversed stocking knit)--but they are rounds 80 to 90. The first few rounds (the stem) don't change much either--but the stem is Round 1: Knit every stitch, (repeat R1 8 times!) and the pattern starts on R2.

Some adults might want to shorten the stem –(I love the inch long stem) but I wouldn't.
I think, at some point, I might make a very long stem version, with a long (6? 8? 10 inches long) stem that is like a tassel, with some small leaflets on the stem. (and totally out of nature, a mini thistle at the end, instead of a root!)

It will be a day or two (Monday? Tuesday?) before this hat is up for sale—but that's fine. This is a hat for your post holiday queue. Knit yourself one in time for Robert Burns birthday, (Jan. 25th). Wouldn't a thistle hat be just the thing for a Bobby Burns birthday bash? (Better than haggis, for sure!)

And keep it handy to wear to the Scottish games. (May, I think, in Old Westbury Gardens (NY) , but at different times of the year in different places.)


JelliDonut said...

I love thistles, but then I also don't think haggis is that awful. We've gone to the Scottish games in Estes Park, Colorado and they serve a pretty darn good haggis. My favorite is Scotch eggs, however.

Cute hat!

Allison said...

I love your thistle hat, particularly since I come from Nova Scotia (New Scotland!)

Virginia G said...

Do you go to Robbie Burns night in Manhattan? It's a total blast. I think reservations for it will open soon.

PJ said...

I love your thistle hat!

gayle said...

Love the hat!
And we always let our thistles grow. They're a prickly pain in the butt, but we love them so...