Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This Year, for Christmas

I am asking Santa (by way of my son, the web page guru) for a 1 years worth of servers fees for a web page-- (and maybe the cost of registering a site name.)

I've wanted one (aren't they the thing to have?) for a few years... but really—I didn't need one.
But I've been working hard; writing patterns, making videos, faithfully making blog posts (and developing readership) It's time now. I need a central location to unify all my work.

I'm doing things that don't really fit on a blog—and I have the skills to manage a simple but good web page—Though, really now days, it's not that hard to have the skills.

There are so many photo storage sites—and they have built in software to make photo arrays, and slide shows—and all of these come with code to copy and paste. Take some photo's, upload and bingo you have a great visual element for a web page.
Word processing programs allow you to write in plain text—and easily create links and effects, and then save the document as HTML—90% of the code writing is done! So simple web pages aren't much harder than writing a letter.

And I know a smattering of HTML (a pretty big smattering) and a thimble full of Java scrip--(I resolved last year to learn more, and well I didn't.. but I could.. it won't take much time, especially if I have a need to know it!) Java scrip will help me add some nice details.

Besides all my friends have web pages and I want one too.. Well that's not really true. But increasingly more do; It helps that I hang out with people who are both crafty and technical. Smart women the lot of them! (Some smart guys, too.)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Leafy vines now has 7 repeats—and I am almost half way through skein 2. At this point, I want to rush through it. The list of things I want to knit keeps growing---and growing and growing!
There is a contest (Lion Brand Yarn) I want to enter, I have a great idea—but I need to knit it up! And there Christmas gifts to knit, and hat designs that need to be knit. (Ideas for hats are spring up in my brain like toadstools in a lawn after a rainstorm. )

My list of sock ideas has grown from 10, to 12, to 15. Its been joined by a list of hats ideas, and another list of knitting ideas and projects, and I have some odd balls of yarn calling out to be knit up into fingerless gloves, and....

None of this includes the pile of fabric that wants to be made into skirts and tops—sure I have lots of clothes—but so few are new, and I am growing tired of the old ones.

I need more work—and if I can't find a job that pays, I need to make work for myself—and make it pay. (Thank you dear readers for all your recent pattern purchases.. (4 in 7 days!)-hardly enough to do anything with-(a whopping $12!) but 1 purchase is a million ego points, so I am feeling at the top of the world!) And to further full you shopping spree--another hat pattern!

Petal Power –a lovely flowery beret hat went up for sale yesterday-- It's yet another way to use up small bits of yarns--a particularly pretty way! The petal part requires the most of any one color, and only about 100 yards at that.
I've made 2—one with a brown center and yellow petals, a second with a yellow center and white petals.. (both with green stem like under brims.) But I can think of so many other color combination that would work—daisy like flowers come in so many different colors.. and there are always imaginary flowers.


Robyn said...

you're so cool Helen - you do need a webpage! Or as Lucy calls them, a dot com place. XOX

Melissa said...

I have 2 websites that I run and they have both been easy to manage. I had a tech guy launch my store website ( but I started my charity webpage myself ( The charity page is the easiest one to run! I love having my Mac; Fetch and iWeb make it incredibly easy to run your own website.