Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wha'cha been doing?

Me? Oh this and that....

I've been knitting—the foot of the sock is now 6 (of 9) inches long.. plain grey, nothing much to see--maybe today I'll get the toe (and a second swirl) done--but it's not much to look at now.

I started (and frogged) 6 inches of a lace scarf—I was knitting it at night, one, then two, then one too many little errors crept in. I'll start again in the daytime, and maybe, (partly because I now almost know the pattern) have better success. It's one of those simple scarves--(pick a lace pattern out of stitch collection book, add a edging (a fancy selvage, and a few garter stitches) and just repeat the lace pattern till you run out of yarn (I have 575 or so yards of fingering yarn--more than enough for a long scarf!)

I haven't signed on (mentally) for the couch potato to 5K run program, but I have made a point of taking a 20 minute walk every day (well, so far, every day this week!) I can--(and do) fall into the habit of not going out of the house if I don't have anywhere to go. I am not agoraphobic, but a bit of loner. If I don't have anywhere to do, I sometimes just don't get out of the house. I do go out on my terrace for fresh air, but a short brisk walk is healthier (physically and mentally).

Today, on the last leg of my walk, I stopped at the vegetable store—and picked up some sweet and some white potatoes—and a big bag of apples--(just $1!) some are bruised or blemished. I still haven't made the chocolate volcano cake—maybe I'll make an apple cake instead! If I am going to have the oven on for the veggies anyway.

I also picked up an avocado—tonight will be sort of Tex-Mex—guacamole, salsa, yellow rice, and some spicy chicken.. (and a green salad)--lately spicy foods have been all I want to eat--last night it was chicken curry--and mix pan roasted veggies, (onions, carrots, spinach and apple)--the sweet veggies were a nice counter point to the hot and spicy gravy.

Oh—yeah-- I cut my hair off! (that's about 15 inches of hair!--it will be put aside and donated next time there is a Locks of Love drive. )

I've worn my hair long (touching my shoulder at a minimum)forever (well the better part of 50 years!) It's been shorter for the past few years (shoulder to mid back vs mid back to waist lenght) –but not short.. Now? It's not even chin length!

I'll let it grow back in-- and will likely keep it shorter than before, (shoulder length), but-- It's changed color.

The long length I cut off is more pepper (not really that dark), than salt, but now, it's more salt than pepper..I like the grey—it's brighter and lighter than my dishwater dull blond was--(dark ash blond—as per the color experts at Clairol hair color center, where I have sometimes been a test subject)

Now that it is shorter (and a more manageable length)—I might give a go at a swath of purple (not old lady bluish purple, but punk rock bright purple!)--Forget red hats--I want to wear purple hair!


Judy said...

LOL If I am ever in New York City I will be on the look out for you. You should be easy to spot out of how many million?

teabird said...

Wow! Can't wait to see the new you -

JelliDonut said...

Cool! DD is growing her hair for Locks of Love. I did it once a long time ago. I use a purple shampoo to make my silver hair shinier. Does that count?

Virginia G said...

Ooh, right there with you on the purple. My family's hair has a tendency to go bright white, and mine is following. I'm going whiter each day.

I keep telling my husband that when my hair goes completely white, I'm dyeing it bright purple.

Sonya Philip said...

Yay for purple! Punky Color must have a good shade.