Friday, November 19, 2010

What? Socks Again?

Yeah well, yeah, socks—again!

A few rows were worked on my leaves on the vine scarf, and I finally dug out the Peachy sweater, and checked out the stitch pattern (and the color match)

The stitch pattern: perfect! 10 stitch repeat--(and my generic sock? 60 stitches!) I make one change—and replaced 2 of the 4 plain stocking knit stitches between each lace column,with 2 purls.

The disadvantage to the is: each “row” (2 per round) starts with a purl. It doesn't really bother me—but it might some.

The color match is good—not perfect. The sock yarn is much brighter than the sweater. It could be a problem, but my experience with Koigu--(limited, very limited I admit) is that it fades. But even it it doesn't there is a big space between the shoulder yoke of the sweater and the top of the sock! The colors are the same hue. Besides—who needs perfectly matched sweaters and socks? Closely co-ordinated color are more than enough for a good match!

There is work going on behind the scenes.. I want to make this blog better (I have every day more and more dedicated reader (and I can't tell you enough how that pleases me!) I want to please you, the reader, too!


JelliDonut said...

That's going to be one very pretty scarf. Can't wait to see what you do with your blog.

Virginia G said...

You SHOULD have more readers! Your blog rocks. :)

the socks are going to be lovely. And I love that you're matching them to a sweater.

PJ said...

Your socks matching your sweater is going to be awesome! I'm all into that. I like to make a headband to match my sweaters (except that I just cut my hair), but I never thought of having my socks match too.