Monday, December 06, 2010


And 7 down... and a whole bunch (but not all) of the ends woven in.

It's big enough now to get a glimpse of what it will look like in a day or two.. and it will be a day or two, because is already almost 3/4th's done. (20 proposed welts, 14 completed, (15 welt will be exactly 3/4ths)

And that's it!

Haven't woven in the ends on the leafy vine, haven't blocked.. have picked up and knit a stitch on my Peach Socks, haven't....
Haven't done laundry either, now that I am making lists.. It's that time(again--seriously, this habit I have of wearing clean clothes...)

And I think I will clean the inside of the living room window today (it's way to cold and windy to do anything out side) and get the inside light hung. It gets so dark, so early, I need a bit of festive lights come evening. I can wait a week or so till I put up my tree—my TREE is an outside one of lights--that gets set up on my terrace.
I love how it shines in the window—doing double duty as a outside decorations, and an inside one.

Indoors, I have a glass arboretum— some where close to 20 glass trees of various sizes and colors—some that get mounted on fancy little bases that light up (these are designed for paper weights) and some that get centered on small mirrors. A few years ago I painted a bunch of yarn cones green, and these too get placed with the glass ones.. I don't think the arboretum is going to get set up today.. (First I have to clear the table, (and find temporary homes for everything already there!) ) but time is coming quickly!

I don't do much in the way of holiday decoration, I am a bit of a curmudgeon. More and more, Christmas is defined as Shopping season, and there is less and less of a focus on the religious aspects. More and more I am a Deist and less and less of a Christian, so the religious aspects have less and less meaning to me.

But who doesn't like festive lights? And fragrant aromas of fir trees, and baking cookies?

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Virginia G said...

So not happy about "shopping" season. If I could avoid every single store for the next month, I would. maybe next year I'll start laying in food supplies in early November.

I am ALL about celebrating the return of the light, though. Grilled cheese and mulled wine party on the solstice.