Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Back to knitting

It's not Malabrigo (see page 4 and 5). It's not as soft, nor are the colors as rich, but some one on Ravelry asked if I was wiling to sell my stash of the now discontinued Landscapes yarn, and it got me thinking about it. Then I saw the Malabrigo wrap/shawl, and now, this scarf is half finished.

It's really pretty... simple and easy to knit, and finished I think it will be lovely. A good choice of yarn for the project (and it will clear out my 6 skeins!) And while not as soft as Malabrigo, it is soft and plush, and the colors are soft and muted and don't pool at all. All good things!

It would have been better knit on larger needles, looser and drapier, but... It will be warmer with the dense seed stitch. I am more than half done with skein 3 (of 6) and I think it will be soft enough when done.

I sometimes feel Lion Brand has the most wonderful ideas for yarns (and discontinues them too soon!) --just as they are on the cusp of being really popular, they are gone--and other more expensive yarn companies bring out virtually the same yarn.

I have a single ball of some DK yarn in with similar colors—but a self striping color way—this scarf is likely to be paired with a quick pair of fingerless gloves. And both are going to be gifted, too. (but not till little Christmas in January.)

It's been cold (again and again)-- Last summer was hotter than average, and so far –if December is any indication--this winter will be colder than average. My sweaters are getting used—and I am so thankful for my collection of wool socks! The Peachy socks haven't been touched in a week. It's hard to be interested in these lacy socks.. I find myself looking at and thinking about stranded color work socks--with double and triples layers of wool to keep my toes cozy!

After this wrap, I need to get back to my mystery lace project, (it has a deadline!) and ....

I almost never stop knitting—on a monthy, yearly basis, there hasn't been a time in my life that I haven't knit—but on a daily-- weekly basis—I do take time off.

I read, or cook, or (rarely!) clean or decorate. I stop knitting to sew (haven't really done that, but I keep intending to). I do plan to make a gift bag for my DD's gift—so much more practical than gift wrapping paper.

This past week was a virtually no knitting week.. but I feel the pressure to knit building.
I've made lists, and sketched out some ideas, and the yarn keeps calling out to me...

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