Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Been Cold

In the north east. We had a long hot summer, and a warm but oh so windy fall, and now, cold snap after cold snap (with gusty winds.)

It's been good weather for knitters. Wool socks, wool gloves and fingerless gloves, wool scarfs and hats, wool sweaters are just the thing (inside and out!) for weather like this. And I of course, have a ready supply!

My wools have been getting a work out—so I really don't really have to much to complain about.
But what I've missed is soup. I have some (and have eaten some of what I've made, but I haven't made enough (quanity or varieties!)

Yesterday I stopped off at the local library—for it's hour long knitting group (they are all beginners, and whiles the individual are interesting, the knitting is a bit boring). On the way home, I stopped at one of the bigger of the several local vegetable store, and managed, in short order, to buy $10 worth of veggies. A neat feat when the prices are so low.

My haul includes 5 lb of potatoes (Idaho russets, my favorite)3 red (Korean style) medioum sweet potatoes, half a dozen beets, a medium sized butternut squash, a 1lb. pack of spinach, 4 lb of sweet red peppers, and 2 large Haas avocados—oh yeah, and a dozen eggs.

The local green grocers are very competitive—and the prices are 50% to 70% less than major food chains. The 4lbs of peppers (way to many really!) were $2! but they were package a bag, and it was all or nothing.. so I bought them all.
The avocados, HUGE ones, were $1 each –I think a chicken fajitas dinner is coming one day this weekend...Onions, peppers and fajitas seasoned chicken and a big side salads (more peppers!) with guacamole.

A good portion of the veggies are destined to be made into soup.

First a Russian style borscht; Beets mostly, but also some onions, parsnips, carrots and potatoes, and a small quantity of slivered lean roast pork. There used to be (maybe there still is) a lovely little Estonian restaurant in the east village – I first had Russian style borscht there—Unlike vegetarian borscht, this soup is a winter soup served hot.

Most of the spinach will be used with curried chicken—one of my favorite combinations—but that will be as an entree, not a soup. Some of the spinach will be reserved for a chicken/sweet potato/coconut milk curried soup.

I haven't make the chicken sweet potato soup yet. I don't usually make curry with a prepared curry powder, but I will need get some for the soup. (DID!) I have some pompadoms in the pantry, and mmm, they will be nice with the soup!)

I have one left over container of Onion soup, and 2 of carrot ginger, and some canned soups, too. So I am not soup less, though canned soups don't compare with home made soups.

I also have some bacon and navy beans—I am not much of a bean fan.. (Well, I like black bean soup, and lentil soup--but not bean salad, or baked beans, very much) But I make a big exception for US Senate navy bean soup—I don't much like ham, so I never have a handy ham bone or left over ham or shank bones—so I sub smoked bacon--even with the substitute of bacon for ham, it's a great soup.

I think the bean soup will have to wait till the new year..My freezer will be full with the other soups.
Maybe New Years Day—a good day for been soup!--and navy bean soup is a good substitute for hopping john.

Well I better get cooking!

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Unknown said...

Hi Helen. I was knitting with you this am (exploring selvedges) and enjoyed it. Went over to your site and enjoyed this post. Now ar eyou will ing to share the recipies for that borscht and for the spinach, chicken curry????? How's the sewing machine. Still have the manuals and will get there one of these Sundays (paneras that is). Enjoy the season.