Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Not Too Late

To make a pretty little shawl pin, or 2, (or 3 or a whole bouquet of them! )

And it's not too hard either, though it does require a Latvian twist. (I have a video demonstrating the technique—it's a rather easy technique—seen—but a hard one to explain in text!)

This knitted flower stick pin was made to match the welted wimple I made for my DD—but this style of knit flower is suitable for shawl, or mounted on jewelry finding pin base, instead of on a stick pin, it could be worn on a hat (and change a simple knit hat into a fancy one!) or on a coat lapel, or pinned onto a knit (or even a fabric) bag.

The flower can be knit in a variety of yarns, (it only requires 10 to 15 yards-or less) and gauge is not a major factor –Just knit it in a way to create a firm fabric. Go down a size or two from the suggested size needle—this sample was knit with a worsted weight yarn on size 6 /4.25 mm needles, not the suggested size 8/5mm normal used with a worsted weight yarn.

If you use a finer yarn (DK or sports weight or even fingering weight), Follower the directions, and just go down a needle size (or two) from the recommend size for that weight yarn Finer yarns will make smaller flowers. This flower, in worsted weight yarn, is about 2 inches across. (the leaf extends beyond the flower)

The directions are free—and available as a PDF file available on (the BUY button is just a link—you don't have to really buy this pattern!)

Find all those bits of yarn, those partial balls left over from other projects, and go to town! You can add knit flowers to so many things!

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Virginia G said...

Cool! I've been wondering about stuff like that.