Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Let them eat cake

Yesterday, The mayor of NYC suggested, Well if you can't get around YOUR neighborhood (cause it hasn't seen a plow) and if you can't get to work (because local mass transit in many parts of the outer boroughs is above ground (and not working) and buses aren't working either, ) come into Manhattan and see a show.

Because in Manhattan, not only have the streets been plowed and salted, but the snow isn't mounded up but its been put into dump trucks, hauled away and dumped in the East river. In many places, (parks excepted) you might not realize there has been a snow storm.

Right that's the idea, come into Manhattan (where all the streets are clear, and all the mass transit is subterranean, and working,)and see a B'way show.

For many, the case is: If I could get anywhere, I would go to work (because I can't afford an unpaid vacation day) and I sure can't afford to spend $50 on a B'way theater ticket! (ever!—but especially not when I am not getting paid for the day!)

The suggestion that we take in a show (in our leisure) is as helpful a suggestion as that we should each cake if we can't afford bread.

The snow removal in NYC has been (still is) a major screw up in this storm.

Shades of the snow storm that haunted John Lindsey in the 1960's (which one? 1966 when we also had the transit strike? No, I think it was the 1968 one.. well it the worst snow removal has been in 40+ years.)

My neighborhood isn't too bad –but look at this car.. its here –stuck in the middle of a T shaped intersection since SUNDAY night. Not towed, not ticketed—and at this point, not really snowbound, but still there (as of noon today.)

Mr. Bloomberg has given up any pretense of thinking of NYC and only has thoughts for NY County--The island of Manhattan is a county in NYS, as are each of the boroughs—Queens is Queens County, Brooklyn is Kings County, Staten Island is Richmond County, and the Bronx is the Bronx (county).
One reason (all those who watch Law & Order will have lightbulb's go on in there heads) there are different courts (but one city wide police force) is there are county courts in each borough!

Snow removal (or the lack of it!) is shameful. It's costing lives. Shame on you Mr. Mayor!

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