Friday, December 10, 2010

Look at That!

A completed (knit and finished!) hat!

It looks a bit goofy on this head—but thats because the head is too small (19 inches) on a full size (real) head, it looks fine.

I really like the blue/green/purple/brown tweed. Soft muted colors, dark enough to be thought of as a man's hat, but still a bit brighter and more colorful than any solid blue or brown, or green.

And look at this detail (one I often forget to add, but so worthwhile) a small hanging loop.

For hanging up in the closet, or on a hook, or to loop to one of those (senior moment, what are they called?) thing that were designed for rock climbing but are used for keys and on belt loops? The thing that you often find on ski jackets (or ski type jackets)

A quick easy way detail, that allows you to remove your hat, and not loose it! Good for men and women, and children of all ages.(and hidden inside, cause out side it would look dorky!)

It's been cold, and while I haven't been out much, I got a chill, and did nothing last evening but huddle under the covers and try to warm up.. (I did eventually!)

This AM, the somewhat secret, contest project got cast on.. And I completed the lace repeat on Peachy socks.. Now its time for the heel flap and then turning and gusset, (and then a photo) and then its going to be getting late--and the time sensitive list of things to knit becomes a bit oppressive!

But the main holiday knitting is done. And after that, its just bonus time.--Even the contest project has till February (OK the first week in February) to be completed.

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Hannah said...

What a great hat! And the hook is a brilliant addition.