Wednesday, December 08, 2010

An Other NOT Finished Object

I started to write yesterday about being down to the last 2 welts, bind off and finishing.

But I kept knitting instead of taking photographs..

Last night, at Tuesday Knit Night, (at Cranky's--) I finished completed the knitting part of the Welted Wimple. There is still finishing work (ends to be woven in).

It looks good (I have managed, for the most part to hid the 20 or so ends that still need to be woven in!)

It's a head and neck wrap, (the bottom, round the neck certainly looks wimple ish!)

Or a bulky turban (it's less bulky on BIG Heads like I have, and like my daughter has; (Diane from Knit Night like the turban idea best—but here, it's well, not a good look on the small head I have as a prop)

If you prefer, it can be a scarf—warm over the chest, filling in the neck of a open coat.
I plan to include a shawl pin, since I think worn this way, its needs one.

My daughter has a leather/fur lined coat that fastens with just one waist button—so this is great for the neck (there is actually a small hook at the neck of the coat, but she almost never hooks it closed.)
So a deep warm scarf to fill in the neck is a good idea.

It could also be pulled up and around the shoulders and upper chest and back but it would be less round the back (or front) of the neck then. (not shown)

Then again, it could be worn as a a shrug, too.. see here, what I mean, with views of the front and back.

I don't know it this style will work for my daughter, she has broad shoulders and it might be too small for her to wear it this way—But she's lost weight, and, well ,maybe.

So now I have 2 knit but not finished objects (Leafy Vines and this Welted wimple) and today I will cast on for the boyfriend (DD's boyfriend) hat.

And almost immediately, likely before I finish the hat, I will cast on for the Contest project. Then I'll need to finish the peachy socks, and start some quick knit (worsted weight yarn) bed socks, (in superwash wool of course!) and... (hats, socks, shrugs and various other things are in the queue!)

I need to clean (organize and get rid of!) stuff—there is a real possibility of a WONDERFUL thing.. but I need to find room for it (it's a BIG thing –literaly and figuratively!)

That's really a shameful statement in the paragraph above. I have a huge amount of space for a single person-- but I tend to be a horder (no where near the TV professional level horders!) but I do have a lot of stuff.

Some of it is easy to deal with (HANG the art work!) Throw out the Junk--a pretty lamp, that is so simple to fix, (but I haven't in a year, and I am not sure I REALLY NEED another table lamp.)

I am keeping the wire frame for a lamp shade, and I will knit a pretty little shade—but maybe I can put it away (and not leave it out on dispay!)

Knitting the shade is so far down the to do list, this is the first time I mentioned it..(of course the shade was destined for the pretty lamp.. it's so easy to horde!)

There is a pile of photos and a pile of frames need to be matched up and hung, too. (and so the list goes)

The clutter isn't things that are useless, but more half finished projects. Ideas that once seemed promising.. but that ones that I have lost interest in.

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Unknown said...

Love it! Looks great. And I'm totally amused at the ends hiding thing, as I constantly do that in my own photos. ;)