Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Still a few days to go (till the New Year)

With a project or two to finish up (Peachy socks for 1!). But right now my count for FO stands at 44. This doesn't count each block made for the Maker's Faire (all 10 of them are 1 project!)

And there is a project to two that failed to photographed and added to my project pages on Ravelry (from where I got the count)--one scarf from October (blogged about) just got added to my Ravelry project page yesterday. And there were some simple hats (from my hat project from last year, that spilled over into January of this year) that didn't get photographed and added to my project page.

Not quite a project per week- 85% of a project a week-- some project took weeks (um peachy socks are going on being a month in the works already) but some got knocked out in a day or two.

I love that Ravelry helps me keep track of what I knit.. I never would have remembered all of the stuff I've knit (I would have guessed half as many (20 or so) for years total.

Yesterday, I completed another dozen rows of mystery project.. NO MORE increase now! (there are a lot of stitches—but from now on, no more!) and I cast on for a hat. A milk maids bonnet... (in a creamy white, of course!). This version is the prototype—I am sure it will work.. but for now, I am just knitting up a sample, to see how and where my 'mental' pattern will need to be tweeked to make it perfect.

A few rows got worked on Peachy, too. (but I still haven't finished the gusset!) But the gusset is an extra deep one. And I only have 6 more decreases/ rows. Of course, I'd have made more progress if I had actually knit any in the past few days, but I've been taking time off, (and reading).

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gayle said...

Good heavens, woman! I can't believe how much knitting you get done.
(Of course, I just realized this morning that I haven't actually finished anything this year. Though I did get a lot of stuff cast on...)