Thursday, December 30, 2010

Still Not Done—but they will be.

The foot is fast approaching 7 inches in length— When it does, it will be time to start toe shaping and in no time at all, they socks will be done.

I felt it was important to finish these socks.--I started them in November and well, it's time already! After all I didn't really knit that many pairs this year... (or so I thought)

Then I checked Ravelry.--And checked again--18 pairs of socks! These will make 19!

I forgot about the sock I knit for others (DD(3 pairs) Grandchild), and well I guess I haven't been too much of of a slouch. (I like to knit about a pair a month--sometimes an extra one, sometimes, 1 short of a dozen.)

Some of the socks almost don't count –bed socks (short ones at that) in worsted weight yarn, or the yoga socks (not toe, no heel hardly a sock at all) but then, there were the beaded socks. I think they should count double.

Still-- 19 pairs!

I wish I could say this has made a dent in my stash of sock yarn, but I know I bought some plain white sock yarn (to dye) this past year. And I bought 11 skeins of sock yarn at a Smiley's sale in the spring (actually I bought 22 skeins, but I sold 11 of them, so I only added 11 to my stash) – I did use 3 of the skeins for a scarf--but that still leaves 8 skeins (4 pairs worth) of sock yarn.
(I must have added more skeins sometimes that I have blocked from memory--cause it seems, even with knitting 19 pairs of socks, I have more sock yarn than ever!)

Also, at one point this year, collected all my sock yarn in one place—well actually 3 places—one big bag of solid color socks yarns, and another of prints/stripes/handpainted. And in a 3rd place, I have a quite large collecion of partial balls. The Roy G Biv socks barely uses a half skein of each of the colors. So I have lots of colors to use in a pair of spiral socks, or in a pair of jump rope socks or in a pair of shades of grey socks.

I have so many ideas for fun socks (and I plan to write up a few of the ideas as patterns, next year , too) and so much yarn, and there are some socks I that I have knit that I just love, and want to knit again.. (my Cascading Water socks for one!)
I want to knit my self a pair of beaded socks, for myself, too...
19 pairs of socks in one year. I must be crazy! Really crazy, cause I am still thinking of knitting more!


Judy said...

If your sock yarn is like my quilt fabric, I'm sure there is some hanky-panky going on behind my back, because the stash is not getting smaller!

Virginia G said...

Happy New Year!

And go you for making 19 pairs of socks! Awesome. :)

Batty said...

Happy New Year! Wishing you lots of productive sock knitting. Sock stashes shrink very slowly.

gayle said...

Nineteen pairs? Whoa... And Wow!