Sunday, December 05, 2010

When Last Seen

The Leafy Vines Scarf was still on needles
It's off now—but still waiting to be finished and blocked. (no image)

The Welted Wimple? When it was last seen, one side had 4 welts (the Blue/Green side)

Today it has 6 welts.

The other side had 3 welts; Today there are 5 White and Grey welts.

It's now past the half way point—With 11 welts, it's one short of three complete color pattern repeats.

For the green, grey and blue welts,Ball 1 has been used up and Ball 2 is now the working yarn. The next welt, (white) the last in the color way pattern will use up the last bit of yarn in of its ball 1.

But I was able to work over 2.5 welt with each ball, so I know I will be able to work 2 complete color repeats, with no danger of running out of yarn.

So I can safely say, the final project will have 10 welts on each side.

Twisted up (all 40 inches of it, on a 32 inch needle,) it looks like this.

'Nuff said.

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