Sunday, December 12, 2010


A bit behind—and not exactly where I hoped to be at this point.
(and this post, that got lost the AM is a bit behind, too!)

1—Peachy socks—have 2 3 more lace repeats—and I think I am going to look for some wooly nylon for the heels (flaps and turnings) since the Koigu doesn't have any nylon content at all. So I stopped. Looked for woolly nylon, didn't find, but did find some other nylon that I think will work.. good color match too!

The Mystery project (here a jumble so you can't really see any details) is moving along—slowly.

I am still on the first skeins finished off the first skeins--each one is 200 yards. I am working with 2 strands held together and worked as one, and I am still on my first pair now on my second pair of skeins. I think (project? Guess?) I am going to need close to 8 (4 pairs/or about 800 yards. So I am still not even 25% done.

The Youch in the title is because Thursday when I was cleaning and organizing some holiday decorations, I washed a crystal candle holder (the kind that sits on a table) It's actually somewhat small, but crystal (cut or not) is heavy. (Its about 7 inches square, and weighs close to 5 lbs.(just a bit over 2Kilos)

It slipped as I was washing it, and sliced open my thumb. Not very deep, nor very long. I butterflied the edges and its healing nicely(after washing and cleaning, the wound.)) and have been keeping it clean and dry, and checking it (for infection). But the cut is in the inside of the joint, and it makes flexing the joint or trying to holding anything (from a knitting needle to a glass of water) uncomfortable.

I am a great believer in the value of pain.

If it hurts, it your body's way of saying, “SLOW DOWN, don't stress, I need some TLC.”
I don't stop (movement is good) —but less movement, , and less stress, and less use is in order. So I have been doing less--and it's feeling and looking better and better with each passing day.

So hears the scant progress—Peachy now at 6 inches, (and maybe 1 more repeat before the flap)

Mystery (as a balled up mess!) is about 6 inches long now (of about 20 ) but right now, it is still in being shaped and increased, so each row is getting longer and longer.

Reading now, and thinking I wonder if I might have underestimated the yardage.. if 2 skeins make 6 inches, will 8 skeins be enough for 20? I am about 75% done with the increases..hmm. Well we'll see.

I have a bit over 6.5 inches done--and I am coming to the end of the increases.. I think I should just make it fine with my 8 skeins!

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Virginia G said...

Yowza! I'm sorry about your thumb.

I'm glad it's healing up though.