Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bad news, good news and bags of stuff

The bad news is the second pair of skeins are hanging on like grim death—and still not completely knit up.

The good news (and good new it is!) is: the mystery project measures 11 inches—which is more than half way done! I've finished element 2 and now I am moving onto element 3 –well half true. Design element 2 (and 3 ) are staggered, and repeated (once) and I've just finished the first repeat—but it is progress and it always get more interesting to knit when things change.

Today the first repeat of design element 3, (and some of 2, as well, but half as much) and soon, very soon, balls 5 & 6 of the yarn.. When that happens, it will really feel like progress is being made!Meanwhile, I've bagged up 6 socks kits.
First--The red, white, shades of greys and black socks, (likely to be the first pair I knit)

Next, the blue and white swirl top socks--(almost the same as the grey & raspberry ones from late last year)--but the swirl pattern will be accented with beading.

The blue is a dark navy--the white and beads will really dress it up.

My indigo yarn (dyed for me by LICraftGirl(dyed by her for me in '09) is being paired with the last few yards of the bright peachy koigu—Lots of contrast- I suspect the indigo will bleed and fade, and the bright peach will be muddied.. Or maybe it won't—it will be fun to see how these socks weather time and machine washing.

The KroyFX in gray will be worked in a pattern with a granite stitch –bedrock socks! NYC's bedrock is 2 different kinds of granite—The Bronx is gneiss, Manhattan is schist, (and Queens is (for geographic purposes, part of Long Isand—which is made from 2 eroding terminal morains.) I almost wish for some angelica or other sparkles—most of the granite in the area is shot through with mica and is glittery, and this sock yarn is matte.

The Cervinia (the red) are not on my list(see The PLAN) —but I like red socks, and I have plans for a red skirt... and they made the cut. I haven't got any more plans for this yarn except to make socks.

The last one is some yarn left over from LAST years sock club kit. I still don't know what pattern or theme for this yarn—one reason they never got knit last year! Likely a generic sock –I'll just let the stripe pattern of the yarn provide all the interest. The bright colors are spring-like knowing me-- I'll get them finished by September!

But that's OK—I like to keep socks—unworn—for a while. I like to let them mellow out—and I like knowing any day can be special –I can wear a pair of socks for the first time. (the Roy G Biv socks, finished in June last year , didn't get there first wearing till October) I haven't worn the Koigu socks yet, and the monkey socks are waiting in stand-by, too.

The whole kit and kabododdle--ready to be put on a shelf, and plucked off any time I am ready.

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