Saturday, January 08, 2011

The First FO done in the O-double 1

It's not the monkey socks—though they have been worked on!

Right now, they are awaiting contrasting colored toes and heels.

The foot--measured from the row of waste yarn, is just over 5.5 inches. Toe and heel will add the just over 3 more inches—and bring the length to the required 9 inches of foot. I still haven't done any work on the finishing—so there is that to do too.

But—as is want to happen-- some yarn jumped into my hands, and demanded to be knit. So 24 yours later—a quick and simple pair of fingerless gloves.

The yarn is Adriafil Knitcol Trends--I got 2 skeins last year from someone who knows I knit (they were left behind, and had sat in lost and found for 90 days, unclaimed, and where about to be tossed).

Both skeins were different color ways—making them, well, of limited use. (and the $9.99 price tag made it unlikely I would go out and get more!)

After dividing the yarn so I could have matching stripes, and knitting, I have a few yards left—maybe a quick simple hat in a solid wool and a contrasting cast on of the left overs.

So that's it! Some almost socks, and some fingerless gloves.

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