Monday, January 31, 2011

It's Back

I got my knitting mojo back, the tried and true, no fail way.

I cast on. Socks, naturaly, lovely toe up sock. Not socks from my list (what? Follow a plan?) but these—this is Deborah Norville's Serenity sock yarn—a post Stitch 'n Pitch purchase--(there was a sale and coupon) Just the two balls (50gm) in a color called Picasso Marble - Of course they really don't match much in my wardrobe—well not a good match. Medtium and dark grey, some green ( really lovely green like green marble) and some redish orange. This yarn is one of last years 'sock club kits' I made up and never got around to knitting. Its so handy to grab and go.

The yarn is one of those super fine socks yarns –I am knitting with 1's--(2.5m) but I could easily go down to size 0, (2mm) and have a denser fabric that still wasn't too stiff. A 9 stitches per inch gauge is about as small as I go for my gunboat sized feet.

Toe up this time—for no other reason that its been a while since I did a pair of toe up socks. I started with Judy's magic cast on –because I like it best for socks. I cast on 22, and by round 2 had 24, (one increase in the side edge of the round, to help prevent mouse ears that sometimes occur with this cast on for toe up socks.

Now I am a up to 68 stitches—A little more than I need, and the toe completed. You can't see it—but the fronts (started already—but just 1 R) will have side cables—A purl, 4 knits, a Purl—not a huge cable element-(I grew up wearing cabled knee socks as part of a school uniform—and I learned to dislike both knee socks and cabled socks!) but just a small cable stripe. The yarn patterns enough that I don't need or want too much in the way of design—but just little somethng to keep it interesing.

So now, with mojo restored, I'll go and finish my mystery project (on great honking big size 8's) and finish all the details. I still need some buttons (but the closure is actually going to be snaps) so I can chose any button I want, and not worry too much about the size. I need a feather boa too, to finish the top neck edge.. Details, Details, its all about the details.

And I'll run to the store for bread and milk and eggs (not) since once again this week, snow. I do need some supplies (fresh veggies—especially onions) but not the classic.

I think even the kids are growing bored with all the snow. Its just no fun anymore. Worst of it is—Traditionally February is the month with the heaviest snow fall round here. And we are starting the month with fresh snow.

Already (like much of the north east (and even the south east!) we have more snow--twice the norm--for a year. I think for NYC the count is at 56 or so inches so far--and the average for a year is close to 24 to 25 inches.

NYC is ten square miles--The measurement reflect Central Park snow fall (at the weather station.) I am closer to LGA (3 miles) than to Centeral Park( 7 miles) and based on the snow fall measurements at LGA I think my neighborhood has had closer to 60 inches of snow. It's just too much!

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JelliDonut said...

I feel your pain, but at least here in Denver we get 60 degree days once in a while during the winter. It's snowing right this moment and I plan to hibernate! Glad your knitting mojo is back.