Monday, January 10, 2011

January's Socks

Are done!

A short sock—but the previous

one, (the Peachy Lace socks) were extra tall socks (10 inches finished length—vs my more usual 9 inch tall socks) Over the course of time, it balances out to have some short, some medium and some tall socks. I don't particularly like knee socks, so they are not ever going to be in the mix!

Some details--Remember how I measured my leg, foot and ankle?

My leg is 10 inches—the sock at the leg measures 9 inches. (4.5 is a half measure)

My foot is 10 inches –the sock, at the foot measures 8 inches (about 4 inches is half measure)

My anke is 12 inches—the sock at the ankle meausres 11 inches (5.5 is the half measure)

At all times, the sock is smaller than my actual measurements--this is called negative ease.

I cast on 64 stitches, at the gusset I had 74 stitches, in the foot 60 stitches. (I made 1 extra set of decreases in the gusset and a matching set of decreases, at the “side seam” on the bottom of the foot)The little gusset is quite evident--if you know were to look for it--but its also small and not very evident if you don't!
This slight changes in stitch count makes a sock that is barely snug on the leg, has plenty of ease at the ankle, and is a bit snugger on the foot--just the way I like my socks!
Without the 10 extra stitches-An extra inch of sock!--the ankle would measure about 10 inches—and would be the snuggest part of the sock—instead of being the loosest! Still, everywhere, the sock is smaller than my actual foot. It fits because knitting stretches. If the sock were looser, (closer to my actual foot measurements), the sock would tend to slip and bunch up—we've all had that happen at least once--A sock that works it way off our foot as we walk, and bunches up (uncomfortable!) in ours shoes!

The extra stitches in the cast on and leg work for me. I like a looser sock (well looser in the leg!) and the extra stitches work well with the heel. When I undid the waste yarn, 1 picked up all the live stitches (32/31) AND I picked up a stitch in each 'half stitch either side of the waste yarn.--for a total of 34/33. Then I made a single increase, (on the foot) to correct the count—34/34. So the heel was worked with even more stitches—these extra stitches are the source of the extra ease--they also made it easier to make a deep heel—another factor in a good fitting sock. Many knitters dislike this style of heel because it is too shallow –extra stitches allow an extra deep heel with out ending up with a too narrow and pointy one.

It's one of the many joys of knitting socks—the ability to fine tune the fit.. In my case, for a high instep and swelling –Unlike most people, my feet are at there largest in the AM—RA does a number on them as I sleep. I wake up and waddle on swollen joint to the shower. When I shower, I close the drain. As I shower, my feet get soaked in the standing 2 to 3 inches of my tub (hot water!) . After the shower, I dress and put on warm woolen socks—and my feet begin to feel good.. The warm water soak –short as it is, makes my joins feel more limber. But my joints are, still, a bit swollen. Wide legged socks are easier to put on. My morning walk help ease the residual swelling and pain—and as the day goes on, the swelling tends to go away. (some times the pain does too!)

On busy days, when I have been out and about and doing thing, my snug when I put them on shoes are almost a half size too loose—unlike many who find gravity (and water) have made their feet swell! As I settle down in the evening, things change again—less movement, more stiffness and swelling--and in the morning after a good nights sleep, I start over again.

Speaking of starting over again—I think I will pack up some of my sock club kits today—I won't start on my next sock till I have my mystery project complete (and I am behind on my self imposed schedule—so I need to get cracking on that!) But it will be nice to have a pretty display of potential socks all lined up—ready to reach there potential lickity split!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the extra description of the heel. I just tried my first short row heel using C Schurch's In-Place Forethought heel for self-striping yarns and had to tear it out and go with a flap heel because it was much too small. Next time I will try using your top gusset and extra sts for the heel!

Sherman Unkefer said...

Cute socks!
I love gray!

Virginia G said...

Love love love those socks. So cute!