Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh yeah Life

I have one. Mostly it's good. Not a lot of money, but good.
Every once in a while.. it's not. (I am not going to dwell)

The good is I worked (and good fun work it was!) at Vogue Live. I was one member (of 2) assisting at the WoolStock Yarn Shop booth. WoolStock is appenently well known for their top notch yarns sales. (A HUGE selection of yarns, in mostly 10 skein packs—and sold as a pack—for about 50% normal retail price. Yarns like Noro, Katia, Debbie Bliss, Louisa Harding, Elisabeth Lavisold. Mountains of it! )

The bad is: I was so busy! We were was bone tired by Saturday night, but Leslye please that the mountain of yarn was reduced to a mole hill—and that was just the yarn! She had other stuff—Sweater Kits, huge shawl (or were they small throws?) kits, DVD, and other more and that was going well too) but all this kept me from getting around and seeing much of even the market place.

MY plan—was to spend some of (not so) hard earned money on yarn Sunday—but my plan went south—and I didn't get to Vogue Live Sunday.
The good news I didn't buy any yarn—the bad news, I didn't buy any yarn!
Things are better—and now I am back--And things are worse—It's snowing again!
OK, not worse, BUT it is snowing again.

When things where bad, I knit up a storm—but storms are a mess—and so was my knitting.
Knitting is great for releiving tension and worry—but I shouldn't knit anything complex—a good bunch of the knitting is now in the frog pile! I feel better—but my knitting is a little worse!

I've also been working on pages for my new Web Page—some tutorials, and some other pages, and some bells and whistles. (and photos!) I got the contact/feed back page to work—and added a stub (there is a page, but its blank!) for tutorials. And I have other pages under constructions.
The plan is to keep it easy to navigate, but rich in content.

And while I planned to dot this post with photos- from Vogue Live—my camera has decided differently! Oh well.

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