Sunday, January 02, 2011


Isn't that how we are supposed to feel at the beginning of a new year?

To see the world anew, and to plan how next year will be better?

Janus the two faced god looks forward and backwards—Hindsight is a blessing and curse—we see our failures, and resolve to change. Thing is--we change—even when we don't. But for the past few years, I have been changing--and not letting change just occur around me.

I am happier now than every, (not that things couldn't be a lot better financially!) and I am looking forwards to a peachy new year.

Last year (a few months in) I took Yarn Harlots advise, and made up 'sock club' packages. I think these helped in knitting a record number of socks in a year for me.

This year, I am going to put together some more home sock club kits—Include in each kit will be an index card or two so that I can keep notes, (cast on style, cast on number, cuff details, stitch details and so on) and I will document some patterns for socks.

I have a list of a dozen ideas already for socks--(Oh, yeah, I cast on the first idea last night)

And I am going to do the same for Hats.. Hat kits, and hat patterns. NEW hat pattern, that is! Well some hat patterns, and some charity hats.

On my shopping list is notation to get some bins and bags to make this come true! I don't think this is the year that I become a full organized person.. but there will be eddies of order in the general chaos!

I hope this is the year things happen. I have been knitting, and teaching and documenting patterns, and going a lot of ground work –trying to turn my hobby into a career –and I feel like I have reached a turning point. It's time now to pull all the pieces together, and make something.

There are plans—now I just need to make them into reality.


Judy said...

The socks are great looking. I'm rooting for you on turning knitting into a career. Having spent my working life doing whatever it took to keep the bills payed. I am always thrilled to see someone get the chance to make a career in something they like to do.

Melissa said...

Good luck! It seems as though you have laid some great groundwork to turn your hobby into a career. I am trying to do the same this year as well.

Virginia G said...

That is awesome!

You can do it!