Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Doesn't really count for much. It's more like a wish list.. a starting place.

It might work out... or the plan can change!

I have LOTS of clothes.. but not to many of them are new (most are 10 years old or older)
Last summer I got a few new skirts made—and the plan is to get a few more made.

I have the fabric, I just need to get the will!

And there is another plan (Homestyle sock club socks) and another plan (socks to match cloths) and the big plan is to make some clothes (skirts mostly) and to make some socks, and to have them more or less go together!

In some cases, some of the yarns I have, are blends of colors that will go with my available fabric--some times with 2 of the fabrics-- and will work with existing clothes

The fabrics that are on the top of the pile (for this moment) are these 4—a piece of red, heavy weight broadcloth, a piece of plum(red/violet) even weave,a piece of brown twill and a piece of brick red even weave.

I have some socks already that will match some of these fabrics—the Mast sock and Subway socks will go with the
brown twill, my Cross Purpose (II) will match the plum fabric (and the brown till too!)

The Y-B normal socks will go well with the brick red, too. The list of sock that will match the real red? Almost endless!

But I have a bunch of yarns that will also work—As you see--I have paired them up. These yarns have moved to the top of the pile too.

Here the fly in the ointment—I have a LIST of socks I've been thinking about knitting—and I am not sure where these yarns fit in.. (they don't!)

About half of the socks on the list are “free -be “ socks—knit from mostly left over skeins.

Wanna see the list? (feel free to steal any of these ideas—I am sure YOUR completed socks s will end up having almost noting in common with my ideas for completed socks!)

1--Solid Pumpkin Socks (trimmed with ?--beige? Like a pie crust?)
2—Red, white, light grey, medium grey and dark grey socks.. (stripes on leg, dark grey on foot)
3—Crazy eights! Black base, with 8 scraps of yarn worked in--in vertical --cables? or..?
4—Pedi sock (toe less socks) for a gift—likely pink
5--Rock solid socks (grey socks with granite stitch)
6--Swirl—helix socks from assorted left overs
7--Italian Ices socks; white, yellow, orange, raspberry and cherry (patterns stripes)an other pair of sock knit from left overs (these mostly from ROY G BIV left overs)
8--Purple/teal self striping—
9—Indigo twill socks with denim like details (pockets and fake seams!)
10—Cascading water socks (in a light blue) since I love these how these socks fit and look!)
11—Pink lace socks (well a pink/white/light brown self patterning yarns, some thing like the colors of a Cameo—and a lace pattern)
12—Striped oblique rib socks (colors undecided!) I knit a pair like this for a swap—and ever since I have wanted a pair for myself!
13—Another pair of Swirl top socks (Raspberry/Grey swirl)socks—Only in Navy with a white swirl and navy beads.
And a pair of Monkey (brown/red/white socks) –which are already on needles!

--That is just LIST 1 for sock ideas—I knit fast, but I generate ideas for knitting socks faster than I can knit them. And 13 pairs is an ambitious list—even if I did knit more than that last year (but a lot less the year before that) Where I am ever going to get time to add in socks from those match yarns?


Robyn said...

I like the pumpkin pie idea! And I love that colour too. Lucy has the exact same Kroy yarn and is using for her second pair, destined for the famed Uncle James. Can't wait to see all your socks of 2011!

Unknown said...

lucky Uncle James! He'll be hot stuff!

gayle said...

Excellent plan! But you're going to have to knit in your sleep, I think...