Friday, January 14, 2011

Golden Opportunities-for Shopping!

Getting Organized--and getting it together--That is The PLAN.
Of course, a blog isn't the best way to do this--(and a web page is in the making.)

Right now, things are scattered about. Over the years, as I have tried out different ideas and different solutions-- I have different offerings--Patterns, (both for sale and free ones) that can be found in several different places, my Videos, (mostly cast ons, but tutorials on other knitting techniques as well)--but there hasn't been a good list and a set of links to go with them, and my Facebook Golden Apples fan page--which has some ONLY AVIALABLE there stuff!
Last but far from least, this blog! (and there is more to come!)

You might not be aware of all the STUFF you can buy or download, or learn from--seeing as some of it (Most of it?) is scattered here and there.

Shouldn't I offer a 1 stop shopping --for patterns (for sale) and for free pattern, and for tutorials? All in one place-for your convenience? Well, even that is still in the making--but here is a start!
Its Not Every pattern, or Every Video, or every thing-- this page will be updated from time to time, as more and more patterns become standardized and put into an easy to use PDF's.

Double click on any image to link to my Ravely Store, where you can purchase via PayPal.
There are a selection of hats--from lace to cables, classic beenie styles or classic berets.

First--this lovely little Thistle Hat available in 2 sizes(children/adult)--Its perfect for Bobby Burn's birthday celabrations--The thistle is the nation flower of Scotland. Price: $3.00

Have you tried double knitting? It's the easiest way to do color work--and these head bands are a great way to start. 2 charts, 2 styles of hems, 2 colors of yarn--Double knit into a great alternate option to a hat--double layering makes them twice as warm. Keep your ears and neck warm, with out the bother of a full hat. Price: $3.00

What could be better? A sunny yellow flower beret to brighten up dull dark days of winter! Not that you have to make a sunny yellow hat--Flowers come in all sorts of colors--pick one that makes your day--or matches your winter coat. Price: $3.00

Sort of slouch hat, sort of ribbed one--a pompom and button tab add a dash of whimsical style. This hat is knit flat, and easy enough for a beginner. Price: $3.00

I call this Cable Hat Syncopated Rhythm--because it knit up to one. Single ribs, double ribs, an odd--(11 stitch) repeat. It's a great little (or not so little!) hat. Made with fine yarn, on small needles, and a fine gauge, its a baby hat--Make it again in aran weight yarn, on medium large needles, and it will fit a large man's noggin! Larger gauge makes also deep brim and taller hat--Its a great hat for the entire family. Price: $3.00

This scarf is a bit of luxury--It can be made with a single skein (albeit a $25 skein) of wool/cashmere blend--or from you favorite lace weigh yarn. What ever the choice of yarn in a short while you too can have a lovely Waterfall of lace. Pretty enough to be a fashion accessory, warm enough to make mockier of cold winter days--Especially if made in a cashmere blend.
The lace pattern is both written out, and charted-- Price: $3.00

Wait--not sure if my patterns are well written and technically up to snuff?
Try out one--or more-- of my free patterns--get an idea of the kind of value you can find.
Most of these free patterns are simpler--but all have great style--What every your style!
To download a PDF of any pattern, click on the download now link.

First--(and just in time!)The Sweet Heart Hat--the hearts are stranded--and just a small motif--a great firt time stranded work project--and just the perfect thing for Valentine's day.

My most popular design--Over 80 different version are posted on Ravelry--Several knitter have knit the pattern 2 and 3 times! Its just a basic watch cap--simple 2 by 2 ribbing--but the decreases that from a cross make it special!

Find directions (not a PDF) here

The Red Star Beret is a classic beret design--the raised center decreases natural create a simple 5 pointed star--Luckily, stars come in blue, yellow white--a range of colors--not just red. Pick your favorite color and have a star of your own.

download now

This knit Flower and Leaf is shown as a shawl pin. But it takes almost no effort to sew it onto a jewel pin base (instead of sewing onto a stick pin) or to knit it up and sew it onto a plain hand knit (or store bought) hat. (There is a video tutorial to see for your self how easy it is to create.)

A Double Knit gingham pattern for a Potholder.
I like to think of pot holders (or hot mats, or coasters--all simple squares) as over sized swatches for learning double knitting techniques.
Pick any two colors--to match your kitchen, and begin practicing double knitting techniques with this classic design.

I have over 20 helpful videos--use the links to find the ones you want. Soon these will be replaced with professional quality versions.

first--Single Yarn Cast ons
Starting with the Simple cast--the simplest cast on and some variations
The Double Knotted (super stretchy!) cast on
The I-cord cast on (with I cord edging)
The Crocheted Cast on--(which can also be a provisional cast on)
An other interesting stretch single yarn cast on --a left hand version of TillyBuddy's (her rav name) cast on

then Double (and treble!) yarn Cast Ons
My most popular video--a no waste yarn invisible cast on (aka an Italian Cast on)
The Basic Long tail (review) and Varitions (Open/closed and twisted)
A multi color Braided Cast on (great when paired with a Latvian Braid stitch, see below)
A Long Tail Variation--excellent for Double knitting
An Open/Closed Long Tail Cast on (aka an Estonian Cast on)

Special techniques
A knit flower made from the Latvian twist edging--See the Knit Flower Pin (a free pattern) for details
Latvian braiding--Part 1 and Part 2 which look wonderful when you start with a multi color braided cast on (above)

Tutorials-Available only on The Golden Apples Face Book Fan Page
Two Socks on 2 Circular needles--How to cast on and set up

Well--that a start! There is lots more to come--
Looming on the horizon are more hat patterns, a sweater pattern, and a Series of Professional videos--And hopefully, a schedule of classes.


JelliDonut said...

Wow--talk about prolific. You have some really great patterns. Love the double knitting.

Rebecca Clayton said...

I've been thinking about it for a while, and I'm pretty certain your Thistle Hat is the very cutest hat pattern I've ever seen. I've got to think of a reason to knit it.

A master list is a great thing. Shouldn't you include more of your potholders? I've learned a lot from your potholders.