Thursday, February 24, 2011

The 700 Club--& Hopelessness

No, not that one!

It's just this is my 700th post on this blog!
I'm a person who started a blog and who has kept with it—enought that I've made 700 posts.

(I usually don't notice such things.. I've forgotten the blog anniversary more often than I've remembered it, an I don't think I've marked a mile stone like this since the 100th blog post. )

I started this blog in August of 2006—almost 5 years ago. Back then, knew a little HTML, and the barest minimum about digital photos, and nothing about digital videos. But I had a driving need to write about knitting. (and me. This blog is about me as much as it is about knitting) Post were few and far between --10 posts per month were unusual. Back then—I posted once every 3 days or so. I had a half dozen or so faithful readers.

I knew I wanted to write more, and share more, and to have an opportunity to talk about knitting in depth. But it took a while to develop the habit of regular postings.

Now, I am blessed (shades of the other 700 club) with 80+ subscribers, and daily readership of about 90 a day—and while there aren't daily posts –the average is about 5 a week—I feel an obligations to my readers. I make an effort to get my 5 post a week in.

Since starting this blog, I learned to make (and have made) 30 something YouTube videos, and published almost as many patterns, and started my web page—as a central location for information.

This blog has been good for me—and I want to thank everyone of you have read, or commented, or knit one of my patterns.

The Hopelessness?
Well that lies in getting the Noro yarn (Kruyon?) to work up evenly. Hopeless.

The previous owner tried—gave up and got rid of the yarn for almos nothing.
It started out OK—but is off (Front and center!) and I'm not ripping and not trying again.

I'm going to live with it.
This image below shows what I am working with—skiens and bit of skeins, cut and tied together to get a matching balanced sequence of the colors.. and still FAIL. I think I have enough yarn for a vest. But I know I don't have the will or desire to work hard at getting the color ways to match up.

In the photo above is the square neck and and center front of a vest based on EZ's rib warmer.
In an inch or two, I'll start the mitered corner that make the sides, (and the a second mitered corner and up the back we go--If I run out of this yarn, the back shoulder will have a solid back in a similar yarn.

I needed (for the miter) some sort of garter stitch based pattern—I wanted something with a vertical element. I think I got it right.

The vertical stripe is subtle--but it can be seen.
The horizontal (un matched-grrr) stripe is still the most dominat element. But I do like the colors... (and the color way still hasn't played out entirely!)


Virginia G said...

Congratulations on 700! That's awesome. :)

And yeah, the Noro thing... totally hopeless. Sigh.

I love the yarn, but the knotting and the uneven-ness can drive me to distraction.

And then there are the unpleasant surprises in the colorways (i.e. the project I just overdyed)

Stell said...

thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, for a something posted way back on SATURDAY, MAY 26, 2007, the work was in the round but not double knitting, , my design was always inteneded to be steeked, and I did work a lovely double edge to tidy it up and cover the steeks.

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Noro. You just have to be zen about knitting with Noro. It's not going to match, ever. But yours is taunting you, because it *almost* matches, which is worse for me than being completely different. Oy!