Friday, February 18, 2011

Chugging Along

19 inches now! Of 23 (well maybe 23, maybe 24 inches) –before I divide the work into front and backs.

And there won't be much of either—(front or back) to knit—so gettting the sleeves done is going to be most of the shrug! (OK there will be edging, but that won't be much--not after all the other knitting)

The big blue stitch marker (right side) marks the end of skein 1 (and 2) –and I am very happy with the progress (Its a lot of knitting in each skein of yarn) I think I'll easily be able to finish the rest of the sleeve(s) and the small flat knit part of back(s) with the current skein(s)—since there just isn't that much of sleeve(s) left to knit.

I love designing my own knitwear—and document the process infrequently--(I design for me) –one disadvantage is not knowing how many skeins a project will require (I have enough—I know that now for sure!) but its always a bit of gamble.

I love the colors too. At night, they can seem dark and muddy, and not too attractive-- but in todays soft grey light (the cloud cover is high, and the day is bright—but the sky is completely covered with clouds) the colors are just wonderful.

I am often attractived to bright clear (“crayon”) colors—and they so appeal to me. But –so many of my clothes are duller—or as I was once corrected-MUTED-(sound so much nicer than muddy, doesn't it?)

Muted colors—while they aren't usually my first choice (or second, or third even!) work very well—and have a beauty of their own. I really love this colorway—I must have been in some sort of mood to chose it in the first place—and boy, oh boy, am I happy with it!

There are some bright spots (the bright rose and blue in the cuff that has just repeated narrower stripes —but over all the soft colors are just lovely. I think this shrug is going to get a lot of use!

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