Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cleaning Up and Finishing Up

The Noro Vest has from neck to hem done—Center front. But with a great honkying big mitered corner.. well the fronts are by no means done.

I did nothing on it yesterday –when I realized-- the month of February is almost over!--and I have a pair of fingerless gloves that are a month late.

I went to look for them—I knew I left them in a bag. Right-- like that's any help!
(I have a bunch of small clear plastic bags that I use for socks—I need more! And bigger ones,--I need every project in a clear plastic bag—so I can find and keep track of them.) Or perhaps I need to be neater and more organized. Or not have so many unfinished experimental projects hanging around! (Yup, that's the real answer!)

Well I found the gloves (and frogged) and I also found a scarf I was experimenting with—back in November—one that was 50% or so finished. I haven't finished it.. But I did finish just enough to know—It's a good idea—but this version doesn't work!

This scarf is a little, close to the neck decorative (and semi functional) style scarf.
It is fastened on the neck by interweaving some of the leaves (that are on icord stems) and it has a separate flower (not this one--maybe this one--or maybe some other one) pinned on.

Here it is:
1—the back neck band is too narrow (and not functional enough)
2—the leaves are too large and thick and overwhelm the front.
3—the leave position needs to be better thought out.
4—the leaves (or rather more of the leaves) need some I-cord stems (to hang further away)
5—the yarn needs to be softer, finer, silkier--so the leaves (MORE leaves) are smaller and finer--and to make comfort-not warmth a priority. (The wool proto-type is plenty warm, but only so-so on the comfort scale. )

1 through 4 aren't too hard to change. But number 5? I think I might have some yarn that will do--
--BUT--I sort of planned to make a fair isle trimmed vest with it. I don't think I have enough green for the body of the vest and the scarf. (If I add more colorwork, I might have enough green (2 shades of green)--since I do have 2 different greens (a medium and a dark) .

–maybe if I make the stem a third color (a grey or a brown?--do i have grey or brown in this yarn? Purple, yes, blue yes, gold and white, yes. But grey? brown? I don't think so.

--or maybe the body of the scarf (the stem) should/could be a two color stem—and add some texture? to make it more natural looking? (maybe the white could be dyed?)

Do I have enough color (and enough quanity?) to make use of the colors I have, without using up to much of any one color? To make the scarf and the vest?
So many Questions! (so few answers!)

Ok so today I will knit the fingerless gloves--(and take a photo of them) and then deliver them –1 full month late!--on Sunday. And on Sunday, I'll go back to work on the Noro vest.

And then, added to my queue—is reworking this scarf idea. The question is—do I do that first?

Or do I do the silky fair isle vest first and let the scarf be just a way of using up the left overs?

Or—do I get distracted by some other yarn in my stash, and some other idea, and let this project just wait?

Or do one of the gazzillion other ideas have? (Why aren't the days longer, and the months too? Why can't I knit faster (or think slower?) )

I have to knit some roses (soon!) for a project in March (and it's March already on Monday!)
Well, at least, yesterday and I cleaned up I found the yarn and finding needed for the roses, and have them front and center (IN a clear plastic bag!)


JelliDonut said...

So much yarn, so little time! That rose scarf is very cute.

Judy said...

I like the rose scarf too! You need some self-knitting needles or some way to knit in your sleep.

gayle said...

I've got a truly scary number of bags full of UFOs, too. Every time I rumple through, looking for a particular project, I find about eight others, all of which I want to work on right NOW...
I love your leafy rose scarf, too, btw.