Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Done and Finished and GREAT

I finished up the the ribbed band last night -well late afternoon--And then I did the finishing (weaving in all the end, and sewing down a single stitch that I managed to drop (and not catch till many rows latter!)

Here on the dress form--the knitting is done, but not the finishing (weaving in of ends,etc.)
I ended up doing a few short rows at the back of the neck, and had 4.5 inches of ribbing there, and 3.75 inches everywhere else. I think I made the ribbed band deep enough.

Then I got Dana V (Dvessa on Ravelry) –one member of my Tuesday knit night group-- to modeled it.

It's a sort of one size fits all—since it does fit me (and Dana is a what a size 6? and I am far from being a 6 (or a size 16 even!)
Here is a good view of the small lace motif that runs up the sleeve.

I think I am going to get a lot of wear from this shrug! I know I love the colors and love the feel!

Now on to finishing up some finishing up of UFO's and then threading beads onto my grey yarn for my garnets in the granite socks. Plus last night I spent some time organizing my collection of Noro (the wool NORO, not silk garden), for a Vest—I want the fronts to more or less match (colorway stripe wise) as I get to sides and back, I know it won't—but I won't mind (much!)

I have 2 big 'cakes' that match to start, and then a dozen or so smaller bits of skeins. I haven't decided on a stitch yet either..I could go with a garter--but with the horizontal stripes of color--I think I want a stitch that breaks up those stripes--and adds a vertical element. I'll look through my stitch collections and see what presents its self!

I got this Noro at a garage sale—all a mess--some was crocheted into the beginning of a circular shrug that I unraveled--some in small and medium balls, and some just unraveled knotted up messes of wool -No labels, or clear idea of just how many skeins I have (I suppose I could put in on a scale and see by weight how much I have—but the whole bag (a 2 gal zip lock bag) worth of Noro for $5—well it's enough!


Judy said...

The shrug is gorgeous! A 2 gal zip-lock bag of Noro for 5 bucks? Extra Cool!

Robyn said...

Love it! So, will this be one of your patterns for sale? It is really, really nice....

JelliDonut said...

Really nice, and what a great find on the yarn. Lucky you!