Thursday, February 17, 2011

From Zero to Five

Then from 5 to 12—and now up to 15 (inches).

It would seem progress has slowed. But not really.

The cuff was a scant 40 stitches, the sleeve started with an increase to 49—and continued to increase –so that now, each round is 103—so in terms of the number of stitches I have knit—it's really not that different—2 rounds of 2 sets of 49 stitches vs 1 round of 2 sets of 103 stitch are almost about the same number of actually stitches--so 3 inches of knitting now are close to the same number of stitches to be worked as 6 inches a few days ago.

The sleeve now measures 15 inches long, and 23 around (or about 11.5 per side.)

My center neck to waist measurement is about 18 inches—so by the time I reach my shoulder (circa 23 inches long from cuff to needle) —the sleeve will be close to that deep (or about 36 inches round, (18 per side) So the sleeve will be the full length of the shrug back.

At the shoulder, I will stop working in the round, and make a flat knit (shaped) back and neck-- and do the same for the front. The final finishing touches will be a collar (from front, around to back and then to the front again) and a hem. (from front to back and front again)

I haven't decided on the front shape—(a high neck? A V neck? A very deep V and a closure near the waist?) So far the V neck is most likely.... but –that could change. And I haven't decided if there will be an overlap (and button) or if the neck band will be extended and become a tie closure.
And --soon to be a blog topic--(Titled: I shot myself in the foot) a photo of the mystery project (in the photo, still a UFO) --missing buttons and beads.. but the general shape can be seen. A pretty capelet--lace and feathers, and glitter.. (and a pattern too.--in not to much more time.)

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