Thursday, February 03, 2011

Get With the Program—or Get out of the Way.

A slight rant--the names have been changed to protect the guilty!

I am slightly anchronisitic. I pick and chose technology.

I am not much of a mucic person—as a teen, I didn't own 45's or albums, I was not crazy about the Beatles or other groups. I like music, but it'd doesn't move me they way it does some.
I have CD's mostly and my stereo (do they still call them that?) plays up to 5 CD's at a time—but it also has a USB port—I can play MP3's too, and my computer too, is has a MP3 player.

But I think I only have one or 2 MP3 files. I am not too interested in investing all over again in a new format for music.

(I suppose I will have to one day—but for now—its not worth the effort)

I know where I can find free on line rippers and take my CD's and make them into MP3 files. I know the technology exists—I just don't bother with it. I don't like ear buds (not any kind) and tried with a Walkman (cassette tape) and later with a Diskman, and while my phone plays MP3's--I haven't bothered. I am just not interested enough. I realize this makes me --well out of the loop--but since it doesn't really effect anyone else--what does it matter?

On the other hand--I do know my way around the internet--and while Google has templates I wrote a bunch of code (html) for my web page (and have done the same occasionally here on the blog)

I know how to use Photo soft ware (OK , i don't know Photoshop(or own) -but i can manage with photoshop light for my purposes)
I can blog and do my web page, and help friends--who call me for Mac's (and I claim to know nothing--but often know a lot more than they do.. so I guess i know something!)

But it really annoys me, when people want to use technology, (for profit) but don't want to be bothered to learn it.

They WANT to sell via the internet—They WANT web pages—They want to get into this for SALES and PROFITS but don't want to bother to really be part of it.

The kind (Harriet!) who are too busy to respond to email—and faced with 30—delete them all—because, after all people should be leaving (or responding to phone messages) –even though people contacted her via email from the web page—that said—Contact us HERE: and had a link to an email.

If some one want into the internet—great! Come on board.
If they don't, no problem, you can live with out it.

But, really if you have a web page, and it has a contact form, it should get to YOU. Either you buy in, and check your email and run your on line business, or you opt out, and stick to old technology.

But don't lure me in with internet communications, and then say, OH, call me.
Or “what? I didn't get the message (I don't check my email every day, and they there were too many, or some other excuse.)

Get with it, or get out of the way.


JelliDonut said...

I'm dealing with sort of the same issue myself, so don't feel alone. It really is irritating though.

Judy said...

I call myself a Luddite. Like you I pick and choose the technology I want to embrace. I am a recluse too, but even I know, if you want to run a business you have to communicate with the customer.

By the way did you know LPs are making a comeback. It seems they, the music buffs, have finally recognized that analog gives a richer sound quality than digital.