Saturday, February 19, 2011

An Inch

To go—or measured the other way—3 more inches knit!

Yes, the sleeves are now 22 inches long—and at 23inches or so—they will be done. Soon—very soon!

The first change will be an inch or so of shoulder—plus backs and fronts—these few rows—(vs rounds) will be the most critical.

I knit close to perfectly—but I know—unless I take care—I can row out just the littlest bit. Enough to change gauge by 1 stitch over 20 or 1 row over a dozen. But I can't let that happen as I change from working in the round to working flat—it will create a line as clear as day and I don't want that!

There will only be an inch or two of long rows (back to shoulder to front and reversed) and then I'll bind off for the neck and front and back will be divided. ( I'll need a third needle to re-arrange the stitches.) The fronts will stay on one circ, the backs will be worked first. (this gives me few more days to think about how I am going to shape the front, too!)

When next I post (Monday AM most likely) there will be some real changes—I know I see the progress I am making—but really all you see is a yet an other picture of a sleeve—and with out close examination of the current color (and side by side comparison of the stripes) it doesn't really look that much different day to day. But by Monday things should be looking a bit different. (though you can see the blue stitch marker-- in the first image-- close to the edge of the work yesterday is far down from it now)

I have a mental queue of other things to knit—but for now—this little shrug is keeping me fully engaged. I am itching to get to work on it—itching to start on the back--and loving how soft and unitchy the wool (well mostly wool with acrylic) is. It's hard to stop (and blog!) I just want to see it finished.

I like the bright jewel colors of the NORO in my stash—but I love the way this yarn looks and feels, too. It's a pleasure sliding through my finges—and it's going to be a pleasure to wear.

Loin Brand (via its newsletter--The Weekly Stitch) has 4 patterns for shrugs featured--The knitted versions show clearly my problems with most knitted shrugs;
1--no coverage of lower arm (when I get cold, I want my arms covered!)
2--in the rusty/orange version (Vanna's Yarn) --seams (sleeve seams) front and center. (the dressmaker in me doesn't like this)
3--in the large shrug (fisherman's wool) even the professional styled image can't completely hid the lumpy uneven hem and excess fabric--in the back for the most part, but visible in the front, too.

My shrug seeks to resolve these issues (who knows, I might end up with other ones) --long sleeves, and while 'seamless' the shaped underarm stays under arm and at the side) and lumpy back (with excess fabric) gone.

I need to learn to love muted colors in the skein--and back off from ONLY buying bright hues.
(Wait--my next few projects are from my stash--top heavy in bright colors... Oh well!)

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