Monday, February 21, 2011

No more cold shoulders in my future

But—for now, there are still a few more inches needed to finish the back.
And then a bit more in front to shape the neck, and finally a unifying border of ribbing. So while its progressing.-- It not done (only about 80% or so done.)

I love the way the skiens blend one into another—There must be a 'repeat'--but it hasn't shown up yet! Look at the lovely changes--some where in this image--there is a change of skeins--but it's invisible!

I used up the last of skeins 3 and 4 just as the shoulders started—some time between Saturday afternoon and evening. In total 3 more inches (shoulder) were added as rounds, and then the work was split at the hem—and 4 stitches added—see the little sub of a side seam if you look closely at the most recent image. (below)

At the same time, the pieces were re oriented—now both fronts are on one needle, and both backs are on another. Not quite 6 inches (of at least 10—more likely 12 inchesz) of the back have been knit—and a few short rows have been added to refine the shape of the back.

Make that over 7 inches –since I continued knitting last night –after I started the draft of this post!
At the same time serious inroads have been made into skeins 5 and 6—making me very glad that skeins 7 and 8 are in the waiting!

I think I'll be able to finish the body of the shrug with skeins 5 and 6—but the entire edge of the shrug will be finished with ribbing (I am think a few inches!) and that will be a lot of stitches/ribbing!

The ribbing will be a full band all round the shrug—and drawing the neck edge, and hem in, as well as adding depth to the front. There will likely be some short rows involved too—to make a bit of stand for the back of the neck that will let the ribbing fold over as a collar.

So far? —Knock wood—it's all working out as I hoped--actually better than I hoped. I love the colors and I love how well they blend and work together. I am usually pleased with the value that Lion Brand Yarns offer--but yarn is well named--It is Amazing!


Robyn said...

I am loving the colours! And your process is fascinating. Very fun project!

Judy said...

Looking good!